Constant mistypes on phone keyboard

This is more a vent than an advice request, but am I the only one who mistypes like half of my reviews? I use my phone for studying and I really wanted to use japanese input so I could get used to it. I currently use the 12 keys layout, flick only as I never got used to keitai, but I keep making silly mistakes such as mistaking は and な, さ and ら or often flicking too fast so it types an あ row instead of whatever row I intended to type. It annoys me to the point where mistype a right answer, figure it’s wrong and so I just keeping typing again, trying to get the review correct while not knowing that my first reply was the right one

I don’t think there’s much to do about it, so I just wanted to share my frustration lol


Totally get you, especially typing multiple “a” characters when I don’t flick well enough. I started using it in fall last year and I still mix up the directions for “i” and “e” lol. Same with redoing a question multiple times after making a typo and not realizing.

But keep going! It gets better (right?) :upside_down_face:

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I sure hope so :sweat_smile:

I use the flick keyboard as well, and the more you use it, the more your muscle memory does the work for you. I sometimes surprise myself with what comes out of my keyboard just due to the amount of time I’ve been using it.


It definitley gets better! that being said i know exactly how frustrating that is. mixing up which kana belongs to which key will go away the more you use them.

the misflick however, when im speeding through stacked up reviews and get it wrong, thats the first thing i check and its often the culprit…you can usually adjust the timings neccesary for the flicks you could try that? try it for a couple days or a week and decide if its worse or better then increase/decrease as you like

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Interesting, I did not know you could adjust the timing of the flick like that, I’ll definitely look it up!

i despise using my smartphones over any other device i could use. I personally would never use them for serious reviews session, but rather only for podcasts, google maps, and the power off button. props to everyone who somehow can use them without being triggered.

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