Cram for Vocab?

Is there a setting I may have possibly missed that would allow me to Cram with Vocab? Or is the vocab built in with some of the N5 grammar?


I really hope that this feature is implemented, I’ve seen it being asked a few times, unfortunately without response – fingers crossed.


So do I. Actually, and as @marlowe says, I also suggested the exact same thing sometime ago.

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It is indeed planned :+1:


I love the vocab features, infact it’s what made me buy into bunpro recently, but it feels kind of useless until vocab cram is added. Trying to add multiple vocab a day when I can’t cram them makes them stick around as leeches forever clogging up grammar studies. I just keep getting them wrong, then forget again by the next day. One time a day is not enough. I need to spam a vocab card 20+ times, a few times a day, before it even remotely starts to stick, and I can’t easily do that on Bunpro until vocab cram is added.

Hopefully this is coming sooner than than later. Given it’s been a year and nothing has came yet… pretty sad about that.


in a different thread, they had said it’s being worked on and will be out soon… lol idk when soon is tho. but vocab cram/ghost would be game changer and help with bouncing around different apps so much

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I am not a software developer, but I can’t imagine it is that technically difficult considering the function already exists for grammar?


Anyone on the team have any updates on this feature?

You are correct. Its basically a copy/paste of existing code to duplicate the feature.

Have already begun the process. There are a few behind the scenes changes we have been working on that are necessary to support the new version of cram. With the JLPT coming up in just under two months, we are planning on having an updated version of cram that supports vocab available very soon.


Thank you for the updates! Looking forward to the new feature.


Glad to hear this. Semi-related, but I’ve been wanting to ask if there are any plans for creating our own vocab cards (using words that aren’t in the Bunpro dictionary) and example sentences?

very, very good suggestion!

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super glad to know this!


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Please check the main thread! :eyes:

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