Cram? Self study?

Got a question on how I use these study methods…

Even when I was in Japanese school I had the damnest time working through ga, node, kedo etc etc…

you know all the from buts, since etcs?

Well I’d like to smash all these into an ultimate work file of some sort so I can really work these things out, but I’m sort of hitting a wall with these things… is there a help file to help me understand how to do these self study things?

Maybe I’m just not seeing it?


I’m sorry my answer isn’t really about the help file.
I might have misunderstood what you meant by “ultimate work file” but if you hit cram you can chose the “select for cram” option, it’s on the right part of the screen just above the grammar points and with that you should be able to select specific grammar points for your cram session, but this is limited to only N5, N4, etc (you can’t have for example “buts” from N5 and N4 in the same cram session from what I understand)…
With that you should be able to study only the grammar points you really want to work on.

Cram and Self-Study are supplemental tools in Bunpro!

Cram allows you to have a synthetic review queue focusing on your desired JLPT level or Bunpro Lesson, and some special filters that focus on your troubled grammar.

Basically, review Bunpro-style without affecting your reviews, while gaining a report on what you could do better or worse.

Self-Study allows you to add your own sentences to your review queue. I personally love it as just typing in a sentence you saw on your studies really helps nail down the content, or if there’s an example you found elsewhere that you really think crystalizes a certain use of the grammar, you can put that in.

But, ultimately, they’re supplemental tools meant to bolster the main review experience, you can literally never use them and still get 90% of the benefit of Bunpro.

As for this, we got a FAQ that’s pretty indepth. Check it out!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you,

However maybe I’m not seeing where the self study button is? Is it just in cram?

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Self study is at the bottom of the grammar lessons. You can create your own sentences for review.



Awesome thank you!

So I’m a bit confused still:

I’m not seeing anything to assist with self study, am I not on the right section of the grammar lesson?

Sorry, it’s probably right in my face I’m still just confused on how to properly use it / access it.

Howdy, I think the self study section refers to the ability to add custom sentences to a given grammar point. As far as I am aware there doesn’t seem to be a way for you to cram using custom sentences at this time.

For some reason to add a custom sentence you have to go to the grammar point directly, go to the examples tab and scroll to the bottom. If you select a grammar point using the Study section on the top of the screen it doesn’t show.


Right on! Thank you for the screen shot that is super duper helpful!!