Custom Cram Session


Just saw the update to the cram sessions, and while it’s nice, I’m still waiting for the ability to be able to pick exactly which grammar points you want in a cram session.

I’ve resorted to unlearning all my N5 grammar points except the ones I want to cram as a work-around, but I wish I didn’t have to do that.

Study a specific grammar point

We are still trying to figure out the most intuitive way to not only add the exact grammar points you want to your Cram sessions, but to your regular reviews as well. Is there a particular method that you would prefer? Would you like to see a dropdown list of all of the grammar points that you could check off to add to Cram or would you be more inclined to see a similar page to Grammar where you have the option to pick and choose individual grammar points? We are sorry that you had to find a work-around to tune Cram to your liking. We hope that we can make something available to you soon. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Glad it’s being worked on.

I’d say the checklist method would be the most efficient.

Thanks for timely response!


I like the Troubled session for Cram. Quick question, if you do a load of those and get good scores, shouldn’t that up your stats? Or would that defeat the srs?

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I was also looking for a feature like this. The way Bunpro is set up now, it seems like it is great for reviewing what you already know and cramming for a JLPT exam, but not as great for learning new things (especially for tricky lessons like verb tenses). So I was looking for a way to say, spend 5-10 minutes going through all of the 12 sentences in a grammar lesson until I can answer them all, then put them into the normal SRS queue for reviewing to solidify it in my brain.

There are two ways I can see this being done:

  1. Put a “Cram this lesson” button on each lesson page that allows the user to practice that specific new lesson.

  2. Put a “Select for Cram” button on the Grammar page that allows the user to select multiple lessons to cram.

I think both options would be very useful. Thank you for considering this feature @Pushindawood!


@veryslowlearner I apologize for the late reply! You have separate stats for your Cram sessions. Just click on Cram Sessions under Stats. Cheers!

@sgtowns These are fantastic suggestions! Thank you for sharing them with us. There are still quite a few things that we need to get through on our to-do list to improve/polish the site, but we hope to have something for your soon. Cheers!


I support the suggestions here too!

I think I am currently at the stage where I would like to do more reviews but I am hesitant on adding too many new study sessions daily,

The way it is set up right now, I do not use Cram that much because I am not fully done with the JLPT level that I am progressing through now.


I too support this suggestion :slight_smile: The studied troubled grammar is really great but still I would really like to be able to choose the grammar point that I want to study throughly.


Another vote for this, I’d been assuming it must be there but I couldn’t find it for some reason. There really needs to be a way to drill new knowledge into my head.


Yes, I specifically want it to knock out some things I keep mixing up, like all the various forms of
ように…so I can get better at quickly recognizing which is which…Many other cases to. I personally don’t see as much value per JLPT level unless of course that’s what someone is studying for in the short term.