Custom Sentence weirdness

I love being able to add Custom Sentences. Someday Bunpro data analysts are going to check why the sentence table in the database is so big and underperformant and realize it’s all my fault and charge me accordingly. I’m crazy slow, I take forever to add new grammar, because I fill each grammar point with Custom Sentences. But I’m noticing some Custom Sentence and Cram weirdness that I thought I’d call out - these might have always been there, or maybe I’m just noticing now because GUESS WHO HAS TWO THUMBS AND MADE A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION TO GET HIS BUTT IN GEAR ON NIHONGO AGAAAAAAIN or maybe just I’m a boomer.

  • I think I never noticed this before, but Custom Sentence questions are not included on Cram. Is that by design? Is there a way to include your own Custom Sentences when cramming that I’m missing?

  • I’m noticing that some audio that is present on the Grammar Page isn’t playing on Cram (no idea if it’s also not playing on regular reviews). I have ‘Autoplay Audio’ set in my settings, but it looks like it will only auto-play if there is Female audio present. A sentence like this blue-selected one in けど which only has Male voice won’t auto-play during Cram reviews (don’t know if it would during regular reviews):

  • I can’t figure out how to get furigana to work reliably anymore in Custom Sentences. The directions say to use Japanese (), and I’m fearful that my old sentences reverted? All my old sentences look weird now, but I can’t Cram them and test it:

    And here’s a newly added one, same thing:

    Maybe it was always like this? I feel like it wasn’t always like this. But maybe it was?
    But I hoped it might just be the Example Sentence screen, but I’m getting mixed results in the Reviews screen. Sometimes it properly changes the parenthesis-kana to furigana, sometimes it keeps the parenthesis-kana on display. I notice that after saving, the “____” will get < span > tags with a class attribute if you re-edit your sentence; does something like that supposed to happen on parenthesis-kana too?
    Edit - I spent the morning putting in bunches of sentences, and the furigana is working as usual. So I was probably just being a silly goose. /Edit

(I will also humbly suggest that it is also possible (probable) that I’m as incompetent at using BunPro as I am at Nihongo in general, and that the furigana is working exactly as it’s supposed to.)

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Thanks for the feedback! You are correct, custom sentences do not show in cram.
For now the audio in cram (and in reviews) is just the female audio. Once we have the male audio done for more sentences and a few sentences rerecorded on the female audio side, we will add a male/female audio toggle to reviews/cram.

At some point we plan to overhaul the custom sentences. I think they are usable but could be a lot better and hopefully we will be able to make the creation process and tools for them more powerful.