Dark theme note section suddenly blindingly white

Hi there!
A few days ago while studying, suddenly the note section turned a blinding white and I can’t figure out why or how to undo it:

This only is the case when editing the note, not when viewing the grammar point or reviewing.

I tried switching to light theme which looks as I’d expect, but switching back didn’t fix the issue. As this happened using Chrome, but I’m also seeing it on a different PC using Firefox so I don’t think that it is related to any browser settings or extensions.

I’d appreciate any input on how to fix this, as it makes writing the notes hurt my eyes


Should be fixed now :bowing_man:
Someone else reported it yesterday. There were a few blinding white modals that happened due to a scoping bug in a recent refactor. Sorry :sweat:

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Woha, thanks for the quick reply and fix, looking great again! :slightly_smiling_face: