Decks & Vocab added to Cram

:hourglass_flowing_sand: The long awaited time has come… :hourglass:

A certain feature has been requested by the Community for quite a while (c.f. this thread), and we’re happy to announce:

:fire: Decks, and more importantly Vocab, are now available for practicing inside of Cram! :fire:

You’ll also notice Cram now uses the new quiz screen/system.
This also now allows us to not have to maintain two entirely different quizzing systems at the same time, and gives you some of the quality-of-life improvements during Cram.

:white_check_mark: :x: Flashcards… for Grammar??

Yes! You can now test Grammar using the Reveal-and-Grade input type in Bunpro.
Simply select Flashcard as the Cram Type, and have some Grammar Points in your list before hitting Cram.

We’re sorry for the wait everyone!
It did indeed take us a while, but there were some fundamental technical changes that needed to happen behind the scenes before we were able to implement this.

In regards to the timing, we wanted to get this change out for everyone before JLPT in July so you can all make ample use of it before the big day.
Now with the ability to Cram vocab and grammar at the same time, we hope it serves to be a great tool to get some last-minute studying in for those with upcoming tests! :muscle: :sparkles:

As always, this is a new feature, so if you notice any bugs or have any feedback, please leave them as a reply in this thread down below ↓

Anyway, happy studying! :nerd_face:
The team at Bunpro :bunprogold:


Amazing ! Great tool for the upcoming JLPT :tada:


It’s time … for the Great Hero to arrive? :scream:

Or coffee time :thinking:

Either way, best get cramming! :nerd_face:


On a personal level BunPro I cannot thank you enough for the time dedicated to working on this feature :heart:

I can only imagine the scale of the task and behalf of everyone inside the feature request thread I want to say another huge thank you, and also a congratulations on release! Things like these must be celebrated, and I hope the team at BunPro are planning to celebrate this release somehow or someway. :slight_smile:

Much love






Just noticed what I guess is a bug on the summary page when in “dark mode” - a random audio player which seems inoperable and some very light buttons with text which is pretty impossible to read:


Ayyy sweet update! Looking forward to the new feature. Thanks for all the hard work y’all!


Thank you for all your hard work, Bunpro Team! This is perfect for studying before the upcoming JLPT.


I’m always pleased by the fact how Bunpro keeps involving and the thought that is put into making it more useful. :slight_smile:



I just made a Sunday-morning long vocab Cram session, 100 items. It worked really well, nice and smooth! Once again, お疲れ様です。 :bowing_man:t2:

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Just found the Cram option in the menu. I’m confused what exactly the page I get to through it is supposed to be though. Is this going to replace the main page where new items as well as reviews are currently displayed?

Managed to add my first vocab batch via decks tho and I’m looking forward to cramming for the upcoming jlpt hehe

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Welcome to the forums!

If I understand your question correctly:

  • Cram is a completely self contained system for practicing content without it affecting your SRS progress.
  • You can access it in the navbar, and won’t affect any other pages.
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Oh! That’s really helpful thank you so much for explaining what it is

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If Bunpro has an enemy they better act now before Bunpro becomes even more powerful!


Is this in the app as well? Couldn’t seem to find it

The App still has ‘paths’ (grammar only) instead of ‘decks’ (gramar and vocab)