E-Book app recomendations?

Until now all the books/manga I have read have been paper books.

I’m looking for an app/website with
copy/paste (so I can make SRS cards from sentences/look up kanji)
a Japanese pop-up dictionary (so I try to read in Japanese before just translating it)

I also don’t have a credit card, but I do have a paypal


I use reader.ttsu.app
You can copy/paste and yomitan works just fine in it.


+1 for ttsu

If you’re using Android, I also recommend trying out jidoujisho


OK. ttsu is a browser webpage that reads ePubs. In the set up for Yomichan it says to get the dictionary files from git-hub, which is blocked on my work computer.
I found one on google drive (blocked by work’s firewall)
one that’s a torrent (blocked by work’s firewall
and another one on gitHub
Should I make an account here Jap - 淘帖 - 掌上百科 - PDAWIKI - Powered by Discuz!
do you have any other links to a JJ dictionary file?

so I looked up jidousho in the google play store first, which sent me to a bunch of picture books,
then I corrected it to 児童辞書 and it’s not any specific dictionary. “スマート辞書” “国語weblio” 英語weblio" then “辞書君”
Where is it?


You can do it at home then export your settings and dictionary files from the settings page. Transfer the files via USB or email or whatever and then you can import then onto the browser of your work device.

I believe you need to download this from github.

Hope that helps.


Calibre is a free ebook reader that I like

Simple explanation of how to add Jisho to Calibre:

  1. Open Calibre
  2. Open an epub
  3. Highlight any word
  4. Click the “Lookup/search word option”
  5. click the “add source” button at the bottom of the popup
  6. click the “add” button
  7. Enter Jisho for Name
  8. Enter https://jisho.org/search/ {word} (remove the space before {word}, Bunpro keeps changing the url if I remove the space myself) for the url
  9. Click Ok
  10. Click ok

You’re done, Calibre will now look up whatever you highlighted on jisho


K, I was able to download the app and follow your instructions (cept I use weblio)
the layout isn’t as nice as yomitan. It’s just the website with all the banners and everything, not just the defintion, but it is free and not blocked by a fire wall, yay!

Thanks everyone!

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That is a valid question. Here is the link - GitHub - lrorpilla/jidoujisho: A full-featured immersion language learning suite for mobile.
Pros - it offers a one stop shop for video, youtube, and text (Epub + manga)
Cons - it doesn’t currently have a two way sync with ANKI, so it can’t tell you the cards you already have made.

Spot on. Here is the link - GitHub - lrorpilla/jidoujisho: A full-featured immersion language learning suite for mobile.