Elgato Stream Deck Japanese Reviews

For the limited number of people likely using a Elgato Stream Deck - I’ve released Japanese review buttons.


  • Bunpro
  • Wanikani
  • Kitsun

Clicking the button takes you to the website, one click away from reviews. For Bunpro, it takes you to your dashboard.

Streamdeck Plugin Download
Github Link

Preview Image
Setup Window


I see FFXIV :eyes:


Yup, just hotkeys to switch between every job so I don’t have to hunt them down.

I have one of these as well, love it. Seems unnecessary at first, but after a year of using it you realize how much time it saves from looking for things.

This is amazing. Thanks for creating this! I just found out about it and installed it, but it only shows “…” instead of the review count. Regenerated my API key but still the same problem :frowning:

Oh and I’d love to see KameSame support but I don’t know if they have an API ^^

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While I’m not the developer, I think I have found the issue:

Line 19 refers to bunpro with www and it redirects to without. So it’s probably not taking the redirect too kindle. Other than that I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

I’ve submitted a pull request, but I don’t know when or if the developer will update it.

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Thanks for the MR @Megumin, hopefully it’s the same issue @yannick is seeing.

I’ve merged the change and released it here. If you want to manually update, just run the .streamDeckPlugin file.

I’ll submit the update to Elgato, but I expect it to take a few days for them to update.

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I’m not too sure about it, as now I’m getting proper responses from the www. subdomain.

It might have been a spotty cloudflare endpoint or a time-out, as the website was loading very slow at certain points of the day.

In any case if I recall correctly, the www. subdomain was held as a legacy for some of the old apps.

Now Bunpro and Kitsun both broke for me today, but not Wanikani. Looks like it’s an issue after upgrading to V6 of the Stream Deck software, where the newer version of Chromium they’re packaging is enforcing CORS.

I’m not too sure of a fix for it yet outside of providing a proxy, which isn’t super desirable when passing credentials or API keys around. I’ll look into it some more, but might have to reach out to Elgato to make sure the change was even intentional.

Edit: If you want a workaround, downgrading to the Stream Deck V5.3 software should still work. Looks like it’s a known issue that they’re looking to fix: https://www.reddit.com/r/StreamDeckSDK/comments/yxm1zb/cors_issue_since_upgrading_to_v6/

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@yannick Just FYI, the latest Stream Deck update (v6.0.1.17722) fixes this for Bunpro. Kitsun.io is still broken on the latest, but the other two work just fine.

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Hey! First of all, sorry for going silent for a while, I got caught up with life. Thank you for keeping me updated and looking into this, I really appreciate it!

Just updated the software and everything is working perfectly now - どうもありがとう :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is there anything specific that has to be setup for the Kitsun review count to show up? I have a subscription but it only shows the …, BunPro and WK still working of course!

Unfortunately Kitsun is still broken due to changes in the update. I was hoping Elgato would find a solution, but they didn’t.

I’m currently traveling, so I’m not able to look at it currently, but I’m planning to take a look early next week.

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Gotcha, thanks! No rush whatsoever, enjoy your trip!