Everyday sentences encountered on BP

A placeholder for me to celebrate the sentences I encounter that defeat my reading ability, justifying that I’d never need to say it. It’s just playful, no ill-will intended - it must be hard to come up with 1000s of these things.

  1. Some high grade tree trunks just came into the sawmill.

This will be useful should I become a lumberjack in Japan.


I rarely use the word “sawmill” in English. I wonder how many times I’ll use it in Japanese? I hope that ten years down the line, I magically won’t become a lumberjack otaku and eat my words.


Might need that sentence if you read A Series of Unfortunate Events in Japanese. There’s a whole book that takes place at a lumber mill. 🤷


I always thought this one " The moment father returned home from a business trip, mother started crying." sounded kinda worrying. Tears of joy or …