Fast way to remove from reviews


So as I have a university exam in one month, based on Minna No Nihongo 2, I wanted to prioritize only the grammar points of this book. The thing is that I already studied quite a lot of other points of the N5, and removing them individually of the reviews take a lot of time. Is there a way to remove whole lessons of the reviews in one time?



This is a probably a good feature request- to have the cram section based on book path, not just JLPT. This is what the cram feature is for, it doesn’t seem economical to remove your N5 grammar from your normal reviews. However under cram, you could select the levels > studied grammar and start selecting for cram based on the book (tedious, yes and not faster than what you are doing but you don’t have to reset any reviews). I see mostly N4ish on the path I think.

I also read someone request the JLPT listing for the book paths which would be helpful if available. You may consider just going to your troubled grammar first in cram (even outside of MNN2) just to find your challenged areas and prioritize. Good luck on your exam!