Feature request: Skipping SRS intervals

Right now the SRS interval for each grammar point is updated sequentially, so 4h, 8h, 24h, etc.

However, it is entirely possible to review the card much later than the planned interval, whether because one is too busy, on holiday, or simply if (like me) one checks bunpro once a day rather than every 4 hours.

Currently bunpro does not take the actual (as opposed to planned) interval into account. This means that if you check it once a day, a new card will appear on three consecutive days. Surely if a card is reviewed for the first time successfully after 24h, this should mean that the card is moved to SRS stage 3. Similarly, if I am away for 6 months and I can magically do all cards correctly, they should be all burned, since I would not benefit from shorter intervals than what I have done already.

I believe that Anki has this feature already, would it be possible to port it to bunpro too?


I agree. If we also had the ability to change the SRS of other items (since we already have manual burn, how about manual half-burn)? as well as the ability to modify intervals, that’d be awesome.

Also I have the tendency to use Bunpro once a day as well, and if getting a card right after 24h automatically moved it to SRS 3 that would help me out significantly. :smiley:

@mrnoone tagging you so there’s a better chance this can be seen :smile: