Feedback - Hint needed for も vs は

Hi, new Bunpro user here.

I started out my Japanese journey fairly recently, so I started studying along with my Genki book at home. Really enjoying the site.

However I ran across a couple of grammar review questions that to me are ambiguous. Having only had a couple of grammar points, the main ones quizzed are now for は and も. Only to me it seems that both are possible in the example sentences, and there is no hint to show whether it is meant to signify “topic” or “also”. See the picture below for an example which to me is ambiguous:

I was a bit surprise when answering は that it was wrong. The hint is there on the grammar reviews for これ, それ, and あれ, see below:

Could a small hint to distinguish between は and も be added? Thanks!


I would recomend turning hint settings to at least minimum as for most reviews you will need them to tell what is needed.

If you want to leave the english off you can press space to give a hint and if you press it again it gives you the translated sentence

Example for は
Example for も
If you press space again

Best of luck learning Japanese :+1:

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Yeah there comes a point where I don’t know how you can do reviews without the nuance hint or whatever it’s called haha, I think I’d slowly go crazy trying to decipher things.


@kush thank you for the explanation. I explicitly turned off the hints to force myself to translate the Japanese sentence. I see that the first hint is actually more of an explanation, but I am trained to consider “hints” in teaching as the thing you need when you’re actually not sure. So this question feels to me like it is ambiguous, in other words I need the hint only because of an unclear question, not due to me learning. Next to that, the behaviour is different for the これ family so that was why I thought it would be nice to do the same for は and も.

That said, I can live with minimal hints on for now.

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When I first started Bunpro I did the same thing for the same reason – turned off hints because I thought the questions should be able to be answered without them. However, you really do need to see the minimal hints to answer a lot of them. I think “hint” is a bit of a misnomer. Maybe the “minimal hint” option should be called “context only” or something like that.