ゲーム閑話 Game Discussion in Japanese


  1. 書くについて何かゲーム。
  2. 答えることができなら答える もしくは書くについて他ゲーム。
  3. こわないで。失敗するはいい. なぜならまだ勉強している。
  4. 翻訳する。
  5. 英語注はいい。
  6. 時制限はない。
  7. ざさしくし合うと楽しんで。

Hello everyone!
I thought it would be fun to have some japanese conversations about games.
Let’s begin.
The rules are simple:
1.Write about any game.
2. Answer when possible or just write about another game
3. Don’t be afraid. Making mistakes is good. We are all still learning.
4. Offer a translation. [Can be loose]
5. English annotations are fine. [as the one in brackets above]
6. There are no time restrictions. [Write multiple times a day or just once in a lifetime, it’s up to you]
7. Be kind to each other and have fun.

[I will follow up on this post soon, but need to take a break, because I am hungry. Feel free to start the conversation before I do ;) I feel that I could have phrased a lot of this better, especially the rules should be in imparative I think, but I couldn’t remember a rather friendly way of doing that in japanese, so any pointers are appreciated. Also I am kinda proud I can post somewhat lengthy stuff in japanese ;)]


Elden Ring について 話しよう。私自身は悔しいだ。
なぜならElden RingはわるいDark Soulsとおもう。


Let’s talk about Elden Ring. Personally I am disappointed.
I wasn’t hyped, but my colleagues played it so I eventually bought it.
I generally don’t like Open Worlds. I hoped it had something else that was special about it, but I did not find it. That is why I think Elden Ring is a worse dark souls.
By the way my favourite soulsborne is Ni-Oh.
Which is yours?


フロムソフトウェアのゲーム以外、僕も仁王が好き。特に仁王2。Hollow Knightも素晴らしい。


Elden Ring, huh.
As a huge fan of From Software’s games, you could say my expectations were high. Therefore, I was bound to compare it to Dark Souls 3, my favourite of their games. Compared to that game, Elden Ring has more good things, but also more bad. The open world was incredible, but the more I played it the more boring it became. On top of that, as I drew closer to the end of the game, there were times when I thought the boss aggression was too high. There’s no doubt it’s an incredible game, but it’s not FromSoftware’s best work.
Aside from From’s games, I also like Nioh. Especially Nioh 2. Hollow Knight is also amazing.

Also, don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you need to revise Japanese sentence structure. There are quite a few errors in basic word order in your post (eg. 書くについて何かゲーム is just English word order replaced with Japanese words). Your vocab is pretty decent, so I think it’d really help you a lot to go over the grammar again.


Eoghanが言っていたopen worldの退屈は生じないし迷子になることもない


I suppose I’ll follow on from the From discussion. (heh)
I bought Sekiro the other day, and beat it 3 separate times. For a From game, I found it surprisingly fair (not so many cruel traps), but as incredibly hard as one might expect.
It doesn’t have the overwhelming scale that Elden Ring has, but that’s kind of a good thing: there’s none of the “open world boredom” that Eoghan mentioned, and you can’t get lost.
Not to badmouth Elden Ring though. In my opinion, it and Sekiro are two of the best games ever made.




I only beat Sekiro once, but despite that I think that if you compare it to Dark Souls 3 (which I beat like 12 times) or Bloodborne (which I beat five times) its quality is about the same. Beating Genichiro for the first time was an incredible feeling!
Unlike From’s other games, I feel that the difficulty drastically decreases after beating it for the first time. That really shows the refinement of the combat system.

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Hollow Knight の記載吃驚しました。Hollow Knightのジャンルは写させたソルボののほうがメトロイドヴァニアぞりといってもいい。遊ぶ始まった。このゲームは可愛いと素晴らしいだ。またあそびつづけるするべきだ。


I heard Sekiro is the most difficult Soulsborne, so I only bought it, but haven’t played it.
The Mention of Hollow Knight surprised me. You could say Hollow Knights genre is better described as a Metroidvania than a soulsborne.
I started playing it. This game is cute and wonderful. I should continue playing it again.
regarding Metroidvanias: My favourite is Guacameele. The Platforming and Combat is fun. I always liked Sidescrolling Brawlers and Platformers, so it felt intuitive.

[I think my biggest questionmarks this time around are whether I used だけ, するべき and 吃驚( びっくり) correctly, but I prolly made plenty of mistakes I am not aware of as well]

Hollow Knightとダークソウルの間には違いがいっぱいある割に、実は両方も悪魔城ドラキュラ(Castlevania)やメトロイドから着用を得た。そのうえ、いろんな共通点がある。例えば、Hollow Knightではダークソウルと同じで、死んだら通貨を落として、死んだ場所に戻れば取り出せる。それに、ボスなどの設計思想が同様だし、僕の意見では同じジャンルだといっても問題が別にない。
僕はGuacameleeをしたことはない。なぜか大乱闘みたいなマルチプレイのゲームだと思ってしまって、興味がなくなった。本当にHollow Knightみたいなゲームだったらしてみたい。


For all the differences between Hollow Knight and Dark Souls, they both actually drew inspiration from Castelvania and Metroid. On top of that, they have a bunch of things in common. For instance, in Hollow Knight as in Dark Souls, you drop your currency when you die and can regain it by returning to where you died. Besides that the boss design and other concepts are similar, so I don’t think there’s particularly a problem with putting them in the same genre.
I’ve never played Guacamelee. For some reason I just assumed it was a multiplayer game like Smash and lost interest. If it’s really like Hollow Knight, I’ll have to give it a try.


So, I think you need a particle (で) between 記載 and びっくりした (which is usually written without kanji btw). するべき is always wrong - when it follows する, it becomes すべき. For others it just follows dictionary form - so in your case, 遊び続けるべきだ. 遊ぶ isn’t used for games though - you just use する or プレイする for that. 遊ぶ is more like play as in play together or “hang out”.

I’m pretty sure だけ isn’t used like that but I can’t give you a detailed explanation I’m afraid.

Just one note - if you want Japanese people to understand you, you should probably get out of the habit of rendering English terms in katakana without knowing if they exist in Japanese or not. ソルボ, for example, is a brand of shoe insoles over here. Other terms like プラトフォミング and サイドスクリングブロラ just don’t mean anything.


Guacameele のしゅじんこうJuanも大乱闘スマッシュブラザみたいのゲームというBrawloutのキヤラだ。もしかしたらおまえはこのゲーム取り違えた。
Guacameeleはめとろいどやベア・ナックルみたいげーむ。けどMetroid 比べてにGuacameeleは中々線状。それぞれ得た技新しい道開けると戦いを使う。
それに上機嫌がある。たくさんじょうだんがある。たとえばJuanのひとつわざの名前はDashing Derp Derpとか。
Holow Knightは 違うと思うのにすすめる。


Gucamelees protagonist Juan is also a character in the smash bros like game called Brawlout.
Maybe you confused those games.
Guacameele is similiar to Metroid and Streets of Rage. But it is quite linear compared to metroid. I think Hollow Knight is different.
Each technique opens up new areas and is useful in combat. Other than that it is humorous.
For example the moves have funny names such as Dashing Derp Derp.
I recommend it, although I think it is differnt from Hollow Knight.

最近ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルドをプレイしている。
私にとって、このゲーム一番面白いものは何でも沢山のし方がある。(this is probably wrong lol)
例えば川には川を泳ぐ、水を固めて歩く、高い場所から川上に滑る。(I also don’t know how to say this…)

What it should say

Lately I’m playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
For me, the most interesting thing about this game is that everything has a lot of ways of doing something.
For example at a river, you could swim, freeze the water and walk (across the river), or glider over the river from a high place.



このゲーム一番面白いこと is correct. You can’t really drop の as easily as other particles. Also, もの refers to physical things, while you can use こと for conceptual stuff/actions - so こと is correct here.

Also, I don’t think you can write しかた as し方. It should either be in hiragana or full kanji (仕方).


You can use ~たりする here. 泳いだり、水を固めて歩いたり、高い場所から川上に滑ったりできます。 ~たり makes it a non-exhaustive list of things you can do to cross the river. The bolded の is important here, because 川上(かわかみ) is actually its own word - it means upstream or the upper parts of a river. You’ll also want to put potential form (できる) on the end to make it things you can do.

ブレス オブ ザ ワイルドは素晴らしいゲームだよね!初めてハイルールを探るのは不思議な経験だった。世界がほとんど空いている割にどんなに漂ってもつまらなくならなかった。ゲームのそれぞれの問題にはいろんな解き方があるし動き方もいっぱいあるしとてもユニークなゲームだと思う。
だけどどんなことでも長所もあれば短所もあるだろう。ブレス オブ ザ ワイルドの場合は、武器がいつもすぐに壊れちゃうことが本当にめんどくさい上に、武器をつまらなくするって感じる。そして、敵や地下牢の多様性はかなり低い。その結果、世界の面白いところをすべて見てから、興味を失ってしまった。


Breath of the Wild is an amazing game, right? Exploring Hyrule for the first time was a wonderful experience. Despite the world being mostly empty, it never got boring no matter how much I wandered. I think it’s a very unique game because there are various ways to solve each problem and because there are also a lot of ways to move around.
But everything has strengths and weaknesses. In Breath of the Wild’s case, I feel that weapons breaking all the time makes them boring, on top of being really annoying. Also, the enemy and dungeon diversity is pretty low. As a result, I lost interest after seeing all of the interesting things in the world.

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ゼルダブレスオフぜワイルドプレイする事はない。でものようにGenshin Impactプレイしたことがある。登ることと滑空は面白い。きゃらはかわいいし、ストーリーはいいし、でもF2Pシステムは悪い。毎日同じなことをしたくない。


I have never played Zelda Breath of the Wild. But I have played the similiar Genshin Impact.
Climbing and gliding is fun. Characters are cute and the story is good, but the F2P Mechanics are bad. I don’t want to do the same thing everyday.
So I should probably try playing Zelda Breath of the Wild.
I wonder when Nintendo will drop another trailer for BoTW2.

[I probably used 「し」 wrong here. Also not sure about the placement of 「多分」]