Gaps in the Tobira path

The grammar point たところ that appears in the AIAIJ path, chapter 1, should also be included in the Tobira path, chapter 5. I’m not sure if I should report this as bug or feature request.



Either way is fine!
I will make sure to include it in the path!

Cheers :smiley:



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@mrnoone Additional suggestions:

  1. I failed to notice that the grammar point ているところ is also missing from the Tobira path, chapter 5, (it is in the AIAIJ path, chapter 1 as well). In my original post, please, see the line above the yellow-underlined line.

  2. Also missing from the Tobira path, chapter 5, is らしい(2) only らしい(1) is included in the Tobira path chapter 5.


The below is NOT correct as @mrnoone pointed.

There is no Bunpro grammar point that matches 100% the point below from Tobira chapter 1:

but the Bunpro grammar point below is a very good partial match:

@mrnoone I hope you don’t mind tagging you in these posts, thanks in advance for your help.

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Of course we don’t mind!

By the way, によって違う is already on the website.

Cheers :cowboy_hat_face:

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Sorry I didn’t notice even if the point was already in my review list! When I saw that によって・による wasn’t in the Tobira path, I assumed there was a gap. I’m also adding によって・による to my reviews since the sentences seem to be mostly distinct.

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IDK if anyone else is using it, but Tobira just released a new textbook called Tobira: Introducing Japanese beginning of July. It’s what I’m using right now as it’s nowhere near as dry as Genki. Would love to eventually have a path to accompany it here. :slight_smile: (The second book in the set is releasing next year).


Do you per any chance have the ISBN at hand?

I’m a sucker for looking at new methods/books, although I’m fairly satisfied with Minna No Nihongo I / II

Edit: NVM found it. If anyone else is interested it’s 978-4874248706


It’s so new there’s no answer key yet. RIP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ! Interesting :smiley:

I’m doing mnn2, and bought in advance both Tobira and Minna no Nihongo Intermediate 1. Just discovered recently that Minna 2 isn’t the last one … The two books (intermediate 1 &2) seems to cover roughly N3 + the beginning of N2.

ISBN 978-4-88319-468-1 for Minna Intermediate 1

I just quickly opened them. The minna books is quite different than the minna beginner 1&2 I used. There is still a lots of grammar exercices but no furigana this time, and the lesson structure is different. Tobira seems more fun, but the number of grammar exercices in the minna is enormous … like really enourmous.


Tobira lesson

Page 1 : a drag & drop exercice + a few sentences to write
Page 2&3 : Text with audio
Page 4 & 5 : Vocabulary

Page 6 : Text with audio
Page 7 : Vocabulary

Page 8&9 : Dialogue with audio
Page 10 : Small text with a pie chart
Page 11 : Vocabulary

Page 12&13&14 : exercices

Page 15-21 : grammar explanations

And then, a few pages of recap with kanji/vocabulary

Minna intermediate :
Translated book :

This time, the book is split. All the vocabulary in the first half, then the grammar

1st part of the book : 3 pages of vocabulary
2nd part of the book : 6 pages of grammar explanations (no translation of the whole text this time)

Standard book :

Page 1-5 : a few exemple sentences followed by some « do the same » exercice with other sentences
Page 6-9 : Basic minna exercices (« find the correct sentence », « choose the correct grammatical particle », « fill the blank »)
Page 10-15 : even more exercices not guided (audio + questions, text+questions, « true/false », « circle the correct answer » …)

They really both have a different approach. Tobira seems fun, using daily-life ressources we (manga/news/email …) with cultural knowledge. Minna intermediate is more like the Shin Kanzen Master but all-in-one with lots of exercices.

If you are doing Minna no Nihongo by yourself you really need the Grammar and Translation notes book as companion to it, the textbook by itself is lacking.

I was kinda hoping that they would release a Edition II of the intermediate books, but it’s been forever since they released MNH II Ed 2, so at this time is probably unlikely it will happen.

The intermediate levels don’t look to be as popular as the two beginner ones, even in the language school I used to go for a couple months, they also jumped from MNH II to something else for Intermediate.