Ghost Reviews on Stats page

I try to make sense of the Ghost Reviews section of the Stats page. What does these rectangles for grammar points stand for? I have several grammar points that occur more than once. Why is that?

If I’m understanding your question correctly, I’m pretty sure a grammar point will show more than once if you get more than one example sentence review incorrect. There are multiple segments of each grammar point, with each example sentence focusing on a different aspect of that particular one. For example with conjugation of adjectives into ãĻ form:
い adjective įžŽå‘ŗおいしい→įžŽå‘ŗおいしくãĻ
ãĒ adjective įļēéē—きれい→įļēéē—きれいで
Exception č‰¯ã„ã„â†’č‰¯ã‚ˆããĻ
These are all contained within the same BunPro grammar point, but being able to conjugate each is a separate mini-skill, so for example if you answered two of those previous examples incorrectly, they would show up on your ghost reviews as two separate items, and therefore on your ghost reviews stats page.
Sorry if that explanation was a bit long-winded :joy: