Ghost settings difference

So just wondering what the difference is between having ghost mode on and having it on minimal?

I have a lot of ghosts and it’s quite annoying but I can see the purpose of them and I guess they are useful so I don’t want to completely get rid of them. So now I’m wondering what the real difference is between having them on just on or on minimal, thanks.

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As far as I know, “minimal” means a failed grammar point become a ghost only if you failed it twice.

what is this ghost exaclty? is it like leeches on wanikani?

I have 9 so far, it is what appears on my dashboard.

On Anki and Wanikani when you get an item wrong it lowers its SRS level so you will see it sooner.
On Bunpro it doesn’t lower its level, but instead creates a duplicate of that item at the lowest SRS level. A “ghost” review. These ghosts go away once you get them correct 4 or 5 times.


Actually it does :slight_smile:

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