Going to free account again

So, this december by completing 1 year subscription I wont renew it.

I would like to know what can be done with a free account after being a paid account.

Can I search grammar points at least?

Bunpro’s FAQ:

What if I choose not to subscribe after my free trial?

The free side of Bunpro is still an excellent grammar resource. You will still be able to view each grammar point’s meaning and structure, a limited number of example sentences, and all of the reference links and textbook page numbers.

To me, it looks like you won’t have any problems using it as a basic grammar resource. However, Related Grammar and adding your own notes on grammar points are subscription-only features, it seems. Depending on how you use it, that could be finicky to deal with.


I see, thanks

Having the possibility to search for grammar points in here would be great

Also in the app

The search on that page works for me when I’m not logged in.


good to know, I hope the bunpro app works for searching grammar in free account as well.