Has anyone tried learning 手話 (JSL)? It seems increadibly interesting

Has anyone tried learning 手話 (shuwa)? Also known as Japanese Sign language.

It seems incredibly interesting, but there is barely any information in english.

But at least there are some good channels in Japanese with some practice materials, but unfortunately no formal explanations, especially no grammar.


When I studied at 関西外国語大学 10 years ago, I took a cultural course that taught some 手話. I still remember how to sign 私の趣味はスノーボードです。Since you have to think in Japanese while signing, I think that it is a great way to learn the structure of the language through movement. Of course, just like any other method of learning (mnemonics, writing kanji 1000 times, etc.), it may not work as a Japanese learning tool for everyone. However, if it is something that interests you and you want to stretch your brain, I say go for it!


Yeah, I was surprised how close these languages match. Some people think that sign languages are just signed form of spoken languages, but in reality they are completely separate. However in case of shuwa it’s surprisingly close :slight_smile: So it helps to say in japanese what you are signing.

Yeah, it’s fun! I love linguistics, so I’ve been learning a little bit of shuwa just for fun. I can now introduce myself and say basic phrases. It’s a great exercise for the brain and to improve hand coordination. My right hand was hurting after signing for an hour the first day I started :slight_smile:

I will try to find a free community courses when I can finally get to japan. I would have been already there if not for the lockdown :slight_smile:


Check out 兄弟 in 手話! It`ll make your day, honestly!

Yeah, I saw it of course. I don’t think I will be signing it a lot even in Japan :slight_smile:

Hey! I currently live in Oita city and I work at a Deaf school here and I also took a year long sign language course that I just finished a couple months ago. If you have any questions let me know.

Sent you a PM! :slight_smile: