Have you tried Omusubi Channel'?

Hi!! So after some time learning kanji with WK, and grammar with Bunpro, I’m looking for ways to improve my listening but especially my speaking. I need to practice.

I came across a website called Omusubi, Ch-OMUSUBI
At first I thought it was a japanese learning page because it was recommended in an IG japanese teaching profile, I’ve looked around and it seems like a You Tube site in japanese, where of course you can upload your videos in any language (free) or watch other videos paying a membership.

Has anyone tried this site or heard about it? Thanks a lot, I think it could be a good complement to our studies.

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Checked it out, interesting idea. So the gist of it is that you can stream to Japanese people who want to learn and interact with other cultures/languages. I made an account, but it seems like you have to pay the membership to access literally anything, so there’s really no way I found to check how active the community actually is, so viability is questionable. Last post on their Youtube channel was 8 months ago, so…

So aside from the potential problem of getting any views for streams/videos, there are other things to take into consideration. Their FAQ page seems to imply that you stream on the browser, so I’m imagining something like a video chat; if you wanted to do something like stream a game or something you’ll probably be out of luck. But I have no idea, maybe someone else here knows better than my first impressions of this. If the platform is actually flexible and has a strong community then that would be great to hear.


Thanks a lot for checking it out! Your info is vey useful. It’s too bad everything is so restricted, I think posting videos is free but to watch you have to pay. Also, I heard there’s a one month free trial for Christmas season, did you see anything about that?

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No idea, but I’m sure you can get answers to that and other questions if you ask them through email or something. If you do I’d be curious to know more about the platform too :slightly_smiling_face: