Hehe first nonbunpro thread in bookclub



An achievement worthy of passing down through the generations.


Congrats! Here is your reward:


This achievement is so great, I am going to tell my future children about it.


We have a bookclub?


In the age of digital realms and infinite scrolls, there was a forum known across the land as Bunpro, a sanctuary for learners and masters of languages alike. Among its many corners and categories, there was one untouched, veiled in the shadow of potential— the “Bunpro Book Club.” It was a place that awaited its first tale, its first discussion, a beacon for the curious and the bold. This is the story of Kelth, the first to illuminate its halls.

In the twilight of a moonless night, when the world was quiet and the hearts of many were drawn to tales of old and new, Kelth, a wanderer of digital realms, stumbled upon the Bunpro Book Club. A silence hung heavy in the air, the category untouched by non official threads, like a canvas untouched by the painter’s brush. With a heart brave and a mind alight with visions, Kelth saw what could be—a gathering of minds, a fusion of ideas, a celebration of stories bound by the love of learning.

Kelth, known across the forums for wisdom and wit, pondered deeply. With a resolve as steadfast as the mountains, Kelth embarked on a quest not for glory, but for community. In the vast forum of knowledge, Kelth sought the perfect thread, one that would spark conversation, inspire minds, and bridge souls across the digital expanse. After nights of thinking, guided by the light of stars and the wisdom of sages past, Kelth chose to make a thread—a tale of adventure, of dreams, of challenges overcome, and lessons learned.

With the thread in heart and a spark of hope, Kelth started typing in the the Bunpro Book Club category. There, under the banner of stars and the watchful eyes of the forum’s many denizens, Kelth crafted the first thread. It was a call to arms, an invitation to explore beyond the horizon, to delve into stories and share the journey. The thread, adorned with thoughts and questions, insights and reflections, was like a seed planted in fertile ground, waiting for the rain.

And come it did. From across the digital realms, learners and lovers of language heeded the call. They came in droves, drawn by the light of Kelth’s beacon. The Bunpro Book Club was silent no more; it buzzed with life, with discussions deep and delightful, with friendships forged in the fires of shared passion. Kelth’s thread became a legend, the first of many, a foundation upon which the community built a temple of tales and tomes.

As seasons changed and years unfurled like the pages of a never-ending book, the tale of Kelth and the first non-Bunpro thread in the Bunpro Book Club passed into legend. It was a story told and retold, a reminder of the power of one to spark change, to bring together minds and hearts, to create a community where once there was silence. And though the digital winds may erase the tracks of those who wander, the legacy of Kelth, the first to weave a thread in the Bunpro Book Club, remains—a beacon for all who seek to share in the boundless adventure of stories.

Courtesy of Chat GPT


Ever since Kelth paved the way for many adventurers to come, he remains to this day steadfast at his post, greeting each new guest that dares to open the heavily weathered doors of these halls with a radiant and inviting smile drawn across his face, like a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. ‘Pull up a chair, friend’, he encourages. ‘You’re home’.


What a gripping story. Up until the last passage I couldn’t tell if the protagonist will live to see the fruits of his labor, or perish at the hands of the shadow cabal of moderators.


What a missed opportunity to put the OG filler text

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So when are the possum hoodies getting released -.-
I have NOT forgotten!


ChatGPT is scary. Here, the same text, but written as a fine poem (in Alexandrines):

In the age of realms digital, where screens glow,
There stood a forum famed, Bunpro, in its flow,
A sanctuary it was, for learners keen,
And masters of tongues, in its vast unseen.

Within its bounds, a corner veiled in night,
The Bunpro Book Club, untouched by the light.
It awaited its tale, its discussion grand,
A beacon for bold, for the curious band.

In twilight’s hush, when moonlight’s not in sight,
Kelth, a wanderer, found it in the night.
Silent it lay, with its untouched space,
Like canvas waiting for a painter’s grace.

Kelth, known for wisdom, wit, in the forum’s spree,
Pondered deeply, what this place could be.
With heart resolute, like mountains tall,
Kelth embarked, not for glory, but to call.

Through the vast expanse, seeking the ideal thread,
To spark conversation, where minds were fed.
Guided by stars, and the wisdom of yore,
Kelth chose to craft, a thread to explore.

With hope as his guide, and the thread in mind,
Kelth typed away, with words so kind.
Under stars’ gaze, in the forum’s embrace,
Kelth’s thread emerged, a beacon in space.

From realms afar, they answered the call,
To the Bunpro Book Club, they came, one and all.
With Kelth’s thread, the silence broke,
And discussions flourished, with every stroke.

As seasons turned, and years took flight,
Kelth’s legend grew, like the stars at night.
A reminder of one, who sparked the change,
In the Bunpro Book Club, where stories range.

Though digital winds may try to erase,
The tracks of those who seek a place,
Kelth’s legacy, forever true,
A beacon for all, in the tales they pursue.


thats actually perfect and it even sounds good too :yum: