How can I share my progress with my teacher?

Hey Everyone, I am back on Bunpro this year!

Do you share your Bunpro progress with your teacher? If yes, how are you doing it?

Wanikani being one of my favourite website to study, I am used to share my progress with my teacher using wkstats, allowing her to my progress and my lessons’ content. To do so, I created an API key only for my teacher.

I was wondering if the equivalent exists for Bunpro? Or if you are aware of any other way to do it would be amazing!



I don’t know if this is what you mean but
On bunpro under profile there is stats.

Upper right where your user name is > profile > stats
This is the link to it.
I hope that helps!

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That doesn’t show nearly as much stuff as wkstats though.
There’s no item disclosure for example.

I’d say the current BunPro API is currently too limited to have something like that, as you can see in the documentation, there’s not much you can retrieve from it.

Oh, I never used wkstats so I don’t know what is in there but I just remembered there being a stats section. Hopefully you guys find something you can use

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I wanted to share with my teacher the grammar items I knew so I wrote some javascript to scrape the data and link the (public) BunPro pages for what I know. If you were looking for something specific we could probably work something out. Alternatively, the Bunpro team has been working at break neck speed. You probably could just ask for the feature.

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We recently finished an alpha version that will let you share your progress and let your teacher see what you recently learned and if you have any troubled grammar. I am happy to share some more info about it if you and are teacher are interested in trying it out.


As I said, break neck. Keep on killing man.


I’m extremely interested as I do share my progress with some others.


If it’s not possible, I can wait whenever it’s ready no big deal


Have you guys ever heard of sleep? Us mere mortals are quite fond of it. You should try it sometime.



@Megumin This is specifically for teachers right now. We do have a couple things planned for a profile overhaul that include letting you make your profile public/sharable.

@VegasVed :joy:


I just want to add to this that I mentioned y’all were planning to add this as a feature to my teacher today, and she was definitely intrigued to know more. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing it implemented. :smiley: I can imagine this being super helpful, thanks for this! (Also also yes, get some rest every now and again y’all lol)


We have a beta version that is live. Your teacher is more than welcome to join in and get early access to it if they are interested. :smiley:


@Jake how can we opt in to the beta? :blush:

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Do you mean the general beta of the super secret one for teachers? (guess it isn’t super secret haha)

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Idk, whichever one lets me share which grammar I’ve done with my language exchange partner :sweat_smile:

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Just checking to see if I can get in on sharing my progress with a teacher, that would be super helpful.

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Hi @Jake,

I’d be interested in trying out the stats beta so my teacher can follow my progress… What do I need to do?


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hi, @amtibe

i used to use wkstats too, but now i found another stats page that has more data and works similarly to wkstats. i think it is called wanikani history.

I am not associated with it (other than using it), but i find it mighty handy. :slight_smile:


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Hey! Right now, you will just need to have your teacher signup for an account and we can give them lifetime access and access to the teacher dashboard. They can then setup a class and have you join, which will let them see your progress.

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Hi Jake, I sent you a DM with my teacher’s info. Thanks again!