How can you tell you've been using Bunpro?

Same as a friend who’s looking ripped after working out consistently, how can you tell you’ve been getting those Japanese reps for your Japanese muscle?

To me one of the biggest improvements I saw after the first few months of Bunpro was a great increase in my reading speed, and also a sense of all consuming darkness coming from realizing how hard this language actually is achievement and progress!


I can definitely tell that my reading comprehension got a lot better.
I find that all the small words like ばかり、わけ etc. are not useful to learn as vocabulary since they have very specific meanings when used in a certain way.
Bunpro does a good job giving me an intuitive understanding for them.


I think a good way to look at it is concepts. The majority of Japanese ‘grammar’ is not actually grammar, but simple words that have no counterpart concept in English, so therefore drastically hold people back from understanding.

If は、が、に、を、で、と、なる、する、気、訳、から、まで、いく、くる were all words that could be conceptualized 100% accurately in English, it would shave the learning time in half.


I can tell I’ve been using Bunpro when I’m able to read the back of an energy drink can that Asher posted in GITW :cowboy_hat_face: If that’s not a testament to 368 days on Bunpro, I’m not sure what is!


I can tell I’ve been using Bunpro when I have a tab for it open on my web browser :innocent:


I can tell I have been using Bunpro as its the first website I open unconsciously every morning.

Before at work people could tell I am using Bunpro because “I get enchanted” while doing reviews… (their words, not mine) hehe


For me, it’s the fact that I don’t feel any real anxiety or hesitancy when I’m chatting with friends on HelloTalk. I’ve been a bit of a perfectionist when trying to get grammar right. But Bunpro has given me confidence that I do know the material. I might have to look up certain grammar points in the system’s search function, but I’m much more confident in my ability to communicate effectively.


Walked into that one.

Super glad to hear you’ve gotten that value out of Bunpro!!

Me too. :rofl: At my previous job they always pointed out how I was doing the “japanese thing I’m always doing” before starting my shift/during breaks. There was also some WaniKani in there.


You can tell that I’ve been using Bunpro because I’m saying 文法 as “bunpro” instead. I don’t think there’s salvation for me, guys. I’m too deep into this.


Aside from recalling the specific grammar patterns I’ve learned, I can read better (like I have gotten better at clumping the correct phrases so I pause my reading in the correct places, phrase by phrase).

Moreover, I make less mistakes with similar sounding grammar patterns that actually mean very different things (e.g. ばかりに vs. ばかりで).

Another side benefit is that I am able to practice my conjugations better. Like I used to forget how to change u verbs to their ない form plus how to add て after (e.g., 受からなくても), so yeah it’s been a big help!


Passed N2 three months after signing up having failed two times before.


When reading I recognise something that I’ve seen on bunpro

“oo oo oo だけ ahh ahh should know this! aaaghh can’t remember I’ll have to look it up on bunpro again, oooooooohhh yeah that’s it…”


one thing super cool I have found to exist in bunpro are those texts in lesson we can set in vertical mode, excellent to practice and get used to read manga. I haven’t read those yet.

I never started reading manga because this vertical way still confuses my mind.