How do I keep Hint 2 On - Or show the Eng Translation After Answering

Hi all, when i do my reviews I like my answer (don’t mind whether question includes it or not) to show the whole answer in english as I like to see not just the grammar I got correct but how it fits together in the sentence in both Japanese and English.

But it seems to only come on if I press Hint 2, and then I have to do it for every word (beta version), I couldn’t find anywhere to stick it on for the normal version without turning it on afterwards each time.

I’m guessing there’s a setting somewhere?

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Hi there!

Are you able to elaborate on this? I’m a lil bit confused about what you’re asking :sweat_smile:

There is the “Review English” setting under Settings > General > Reviews , which will change the default hint-level that is displayed whenever you go to the next question!
This will change it on the old Review system and then new :+1:



Thats it, you solved it. Looks like its:

Review English → More

Thanks mate!

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