How do YOU learn new grammar points?

Just curious - whenever you guys learn new grammar (whether you’re just browsing through the grammar list, learning with another textbook, etc), do you just add them to your reviews and then wait for the review to actually ‘learn’ it, or do you use it when talking to your friends, over text/etc?
I’m a pretty busy guy, and would like to spend my time studying, best to my advantage whenever possible. So, how do you study effectively? I’m curious to see how you all handle learning new grammar. :slight_smile:


What I do is, read the grammar points and study it. I try to remember how to pronounce a grammar point, but this I learn the best by reviewing that grammar point.

My study plan:

  1. Read the first page, what does it mean, when do you use it, is it polite/ casual?
  2. Read the example sentences. (do I understand what the grammar point is used for? and how? if not I go to point 3.)
  3. Consult other resources to understand that grammar point.
  4. do quiz.

I usually do 3 a 4 grammar points per lesson to understand each grammar point better.


What I usually do is click the “study”, try to get a handle of each point and its sentences/nuances, and then add them 3 at a time into my review queue. Usually I don’t remember much of the studying though, and use my reviews along with looking at other sources on occasion to actually get a good handle on the points.


I have a couple different ways.

While using study material like textbooks, if I come across one I haven’t seen on Bunpro, I add it to my reviews. This is just to keep things consistent with the books, and to reinforce what I’ve studied.

If I come across something in native material or with my Italki teachers, I research it a bit on Bunpro, and if it on my level (N3), I’ll add it, but if it’s above my level, I’ll often just add my own ‘Self Study’ sentence that was used in the native material/by my teachers. Kind of gives me a bit of a warm up for when I reach it when I’m ready for it, and also has familiarity, so easier to remember, due to what I took it from.

And lastly, I tend to go /about/ in order through the Lessons page. I don’t add new lessons that often, since I’ve been more focused on other areas of study, but when I do, if it’s not via the above, it’s through Lessons. If I’m having a particularly tiresome day, but still want to add at least once new one, I typically skip around until I see one I know xD But I try to go in order. Mostly because Bunpro’s sentences build up from each new lesson, so they reinforce each other.

For the most part when going through a grammar point: I read all of Bunpro’s context for the grammar point, look at a couple sentences, and typically not go to their outside sources cuz I’m a bad lazy student, haha. (It depends on how much extra help I need, how confusing it is, etc.) I essentially am like someone2020, and let the reviews, context when reading native material, my teachers, and other sources to help really drill it in.


I watch Cure Dolly for the time, and add anything she explains into the review queue. I highly recommend giving her a try (the voice and look of the videos are not very welcoming, but I have not seen anyone/anything explain grammar this clear before)