How do you like your review Queue?

Lifesaver, awesome, ありがとうございます!!

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I only use grammar as well. I’ve thought about doing vocab in Bunpro, but I’m already doing WaniKani,, and two vocab decks in Anki.

I don’t have any complaints or anything, but if you’re looking for other improvement ideas, I’d like to have new reviews drop hour-to-hour like in WaniKani. Not a big deal, though.

Don’t they already do this, or am I misunderstanding?

Quoting from this update:

Not really sure if this deserves its own post or not, but we switched the rounding of review timing to be from half hour to full hour rounding.
Previously, reviews were rounded down to the nearest half hour interval :00 or :30.
It was suggested that that be changed and after the team discussed it, we agreed that in the vast majority of cases, full hour rounding is superior.

Oh, dang, I somehow never noticed! Sorry; my bad!

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