How does everyone practice listening for the JLPT test?

Just wondering. I have been using my old Genki books to use the listening practice. How else do you guys practice for this section?


I’ve never taken the JLPT so take this with a grain of salt. There’s a lot of practice audio tests out there on YouTube, have you explored them yet? Some of them are quite fast speaking at first but a couple channels will play audio at a couple different speeds. Usually you can play around with them then throw in some easy listening stuff (random yt videos, anime, podcasts, etc.) to just help with overall listening not exactly Jlpt-graded content.


I have checked some out thank you! I really like Japanese Ammo if you havnt seen her videos she is great!

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Ahhh I completely forgot to mention that, glad you already know about it! There’s a lot of good channels who do JLPT related speaking challenges; they’re a little different from the actual JLPT practice tests on YouTube, but both are great challenges. Someone with actual JLPT can chime in here, but it seems like listening practice in general can be quite general since it isn’t like the tests are going to speak in a completely different way.

Whatever you end up using though, it would probably be beneficial to listen to the same exercise again in a couple days. You’d be amazed at how much you can pick up the second time, same thing applies to reading and especially the reading on Bunpro!


I used the kanzen master books and the practice listening tests on Youtube. Personally, I think this is the one section where it’s important to practice material specifically designed for the test. This is because the format of the test is weird, and the content is a presented in an intentionally confusing and unnatural way.


I use migii app, for the jlpt test

@Disconn3cted I’m planning to go to a language school next year, and started the kanzen master N4 (in addition to Minna no Nihongo 2) and for I completely agree. The Listening book is quite weird so training seems necessary. As a bad quiz-taker, the other kanzen master books also seems great, except perhaps the kanji book (The book isn’t bad … but the jlpt kanji order is just weird. I prefer Anki + rtk/kklc or wakanim).

For higher level (N3+) do you also recommend the kanzen master listening book, or do you recommend something else ? I heard that Tobira is great and contains audio.

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The Kanzen Master books are great. N2 + N1 there is no English, its all in Japanese. If you are taking N3, try to practice the N2 audio too. Generally the actual listening exams are a bit harder.

To be honest, if you taking the JLPT in Japan: just being in Japan and going to language school (hopefully everyday) there will be enough for the listening section.

Its better to start practicing for listening exam, 1 month or so before the exam as by this point your vocab / comprehension will be much better.


Japanese podcasts on Spotify.

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JLPT listening practice? Got you fam:


Looks nice! the podcast is also on Spotify and other platforms, just google JLPT Stories Podcast.
(though it looks like Apple has more episodes, on Spotify it stops at February 2020)