How does 'Remove from Reviews' work?


I just tried the ‘Remove from Reviews’ button for the first time today. I got behind in Bunpro, and I’m trying to work through my review stack. I decided that for the items that give me the most trouble at the end of the wrap-up, that I’d try this button. I assumed it would send them back to the New Cards stack, but my progress bar was at 99 items into N3, and after doing this, the bar was still at 99. Because the items were unfamiliar to me, I don’t remember which ones they were, so I can’t check them individually.

Thanks for any advice!


You have to click Reset, then click Remove from Reviews. Otherwise it’ll just remove them from reviews (basically hiding them), but not reset them, so when you add them again they’ll still be at that SRS level.


Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I removed them from my reviews without resetting the SRS level.

Do you know how I can find which ones I removed from the reviews so that I can also reset them, as so that I can re-add them to my reviews later? When I look at my N3 grammar points, they are all indistinguishable.

Also, does anyone know why the N3 total stayed at 99 before and after removing three items from review?


EDIT: The plot thickens. I thought to look at my Summary and I opened every grammar point in its own tab, the ones I got right, and the ones I got wrong, and every one of them had the option to Remove from Reviews.

Does that mean that they were never removed earlier this morning?

Is there an FAQ on how these systems work that I’m not aware of?

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Looks like you didn’t actually remove them from your reviews then, maybe something weird was happening with the site or your internet connection? I just double checked with my own account and removing grammar points from my reviews did make the number go down, and the red bunpro stamp thing disappears too if they’re removed from reviews, even if they’re not reset.

There is an FAQ here:

But I’m not sure if the info you’re looking for is included in the FAQ. I tried looking a bit but didn’t find anything


Thank you, I’ll check that out!

Out of curiosity, are you using the current Review version, or the Beta 2.0 Reviews?

I’m using the Beta one, so there might be a bug

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I’m using Beta 2.0 too


I just went through my least accurate points and reset and removed from reviews. This time the stamps did go away. Maybe this is because I went to the grammar points directly, rather than doing it in the middle of reviews.

Thanks for the back and forth @meagstudies !

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