How many "exercises" are there per lesson?


After many different apps I decided to try Bunpro and I like it very much, especially type based exercises but I have a question. When I check lessons, there are 12 levels of SRS so I think there are basically 12 questions/exercises per lesson.

First question, is that correct? I mean do you have 12 SRS questions per lesson and as you correctly answer them you get newer ones.

Second question, let’s say I got to lvl 12 SRS, then what, is there a way to practice more? For example there is a cram page but I’m not sure if that page has same questions as SRS.

Basically I’m trying to understand how much stuff I get per lesson with Bunpro.



So the SRS levels are based on how spaced out the grammar point that you learned is. The idea is that the higher the SRS Level, the more you’ve learned that particular concept. Each lesson I think gives a couple of example sentences to practice the grammar.

Although some example sentences do appear quite often with some grammar points, almost to the point of memorizing the answer vs remembering the grammar concept.

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Yes, there’s 12 levels per lesson, and you advance in level with each correct answer. However, if you get an answer wrong, then (depending on your settings) you will trigger “ghosts” which make you go through an inner loop of SRS, to give you more practice, before you advance.

As the site currently sits, you can either use Cram to get extra practice (but yes, it uses the same sentences) or you can reset the grammar point (as many of us have done) to go through the SRS cycle again to really give yourself more practice.
(Of course, resetting will also reset that point’s XP.)

If your concern is that you’ll easily memorize the sentences, don’t worry, after you’ve added 100’s of grammar points, you’ll easily have forgotten the sentences. Also, level 12 will take about a year-and-a-half to reach anyways. Enjoy the journey! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks for the answers.

So basically there aren’t many different options other than SRS questions and they are not that many. We also have reading practice page, so that’s a plus.

Kind of unrelated but as far as I can see we don’t have any listening exercises, are there any plans for it?

Hey there,

fact is, you can do listening practice with most of the grammar points, as many of the example sentences have an audio recording.
Just click “Hide Japanese” (and maybe the “slow” button, too) before you go through the example sentences and try to figure out the meanings just by listening to the audio recording.

I, too, hope there will be more of this content in the future though.


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