How many ghost reviews do you typically have?

I’m just curious how many ghost reviews people typically have in their Stats page. I had a huge backlog of hundreds for a while, as I overdid it with new lessons at the beginning of my BunPro adventure. Now I’m down to roughly around 12-20ish, and I’m wondering if I should try to get them down to 0 or just not worry about it too much.

Does anyone manage to keep GRs down to 0 most of the time? Is it an impossible standard?

BTW, I intentionally have the ghost reviews setting to the default ‘On’, because I do like to use ghost reviews to slow myself down and give myself extra practice if I get too cocky with a grammar point. All my other settings are pretty much default, as well.

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Personally I don’t really worry and I have set Ghost Reviews to the max amount. Just because, in my view extra practice = good

Normally they are probably in the 10s / 30s to around 60ish max… probably. For the last 2 months, they are 250+, currently going down.

That is because, around January to August, I did minimal reviews (30ish max per day) and I would concentrate more on making notes on new grammar points hehe Generally my daily reviews are around 30ish to 120ish max. However most of October I had 300/400+ . oops…


A couple ghost reviews is not bad – that just means you’re learning something new and you haven’t mastered it yet.
Personally, I try to stay in the 10-20 range. When I had 50+ ghosts, nothing was sticking in my head and I stopped adding anything new just to focus on reducing ghosts.

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