How many items studied per day?

How many new items do you guys study per day?

I started using bunpro with 7 new grammar points a day but that backfired after a month and now I am overwhelmed with reviews lol so much so that i havent had a new item for a long time

Have you guys found a perfect balance?


I think around 5 is the best :+1:


It depends with what you can cope with and what you already know. When I joined Bunpro I was already around N3 level so I steamed through N5 and N4 super quickly, but with some of the more complicated stuff I’ll sometimes only do 1 per day.


admin says it best. I think 5 is a magical number as well. How many fingers we have, how we count.

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yeah at first i was like N5 was easy but apparently I got unexpectedly hindered by going through n4. Now I know my level I can totally bring down a notch


Yeah definitely! No rush :slight_smile:

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When I am actively studying on BP, I tend to do around 3 lessons/points per day if I have time. But it is usually between 1-4 points (I do a fourth one if one or more of the first three were mostly known to me already).


This is what I do, it might help.

I study my reviews, and if I get 85% or more correct I add 4 more lessons. The next day, I do my reviews again, including the new lessons, and if I still get 85% or more correct, I’ll add new ones. If the 4 lessons I add seem very simple or already know them, or if my correct % is at 95% or feel very confident, I might add 8 lessons that day, or even more.

Then I repeat the next morning, or most days even review at night as well, and whenever I get to that % I add new lessons. In the beginning It was 90%, but I found out it was slowing my progress and just too difficult, then I did it at 80%, but I started adding too many lessons at once and it became impossible to learn, so I find 85% works fine for me, enough to get me motivated and have a sense of progress.

Find your own formula, and have fun with it.

Take care!



Sorry for digging up an old topic, but I didn’t want to start a new one. I have been wondering if more people could share their experience with this.

Currently I’m doing 3 per weeks and even though it’s slow, it’s pretty much manageable. However I want to push my speed up a bit. If I recall correctly, Genki has 7 points per lesson, and Tobira has about 15. Let’s say each lesson is done in a week, do you think it’s feasible to get 15 per week done in Bunpro?

I’m currently on chapter 14 of tobira, and while I haven’t quite maintained all 15 per week for every chapter, I did manage to do it for around 7 chapters in 7 weeks. But the grammar points would take more than a week to fully nail down in my mind, so I had a kind of build up of semi-learned grammar, while adding new grammar and began to mix some stuff up. Ended up taking the second half of tobira over two weeks per chapter.
With that said, while it didn’t work for me, I’m confident it’s possible; I almost managed it for half of tobira so I’m sure there are those out there who could keep up that pace. Just gotta experiment and find what pace works for you, good luck :smiley:
Edit: oh and don’t stress about your genki pace, I took like two years to get through both Genki’s :P, i think the further into your jap studies you get, the more mental stamina (and interest) you develop to continue on with it at greater pace (if you so desire).


I’m also currently going through Tobira and I’m at chapter 11 at the moment. I’m aiming at doing 2 chapters per month, so about ~8 grammar points per week. I’m quite busy at the moment but this still works okay for me. If you have more time then doing more grammar points might work too.

Personally I prefer to take it slower in general. I don’t like rushing through things because it’s hard to retain a high amount of new information. I’ve read many times how people tried this and then were swamped with reviews and had low retention rates. If I have more time during the day I rather do other things like doing more reading/listening practice.

I’d recommend just experimenting what works best for you and remember you can always slow down when you feel it’s becoming too much. I do the same when I feel that I get too many reviews or when I notice I can’t remember recently learned grammar points. Good luck! :slight_smile: