How many new grammar points do you learn a day?

There’s no correct answer, I’m just intrigued.

How many new grammar points do you study a day, and if not a day, each week?


At first I tried adding bunch of new grammar points once per week but that felt exhausting (to learn a bunch of new stuff at once) so I switched to smaller number once per day. I’m not in a hurry, learning a language is a marathon not a sprint, so currently I learn only 2 grammar points per day. I’m already halfway in my N3 study and I feel like the fundamentals were covered well in N5 and N4 so probably after finishing N3 grammar points I’m going to slow down to 1 grammar point per day and focus more on immersion. To be honest I’d probably do 1 grammar point per day even now but I signed up for N3 exam in July so I want to be super ready :muscle:


Whatever I feel like.

It’s…probably not that effective nor efficient. I just do what I can.


I started off doing a ton of N5 grammar points, like 9-10 per day, just because I was familiar with a lot of them already.
Once I got into N4 and N3, I slowed down, and started doing 3 per day.
Now that I’m in N2, I’m doing 1 a day, due to how nuanced a lot of the later grammar points are getting.


Thanks for the replies so far, it’s nothing more than just taking a look at what’s worked for most learners and adjusting mine based around it.

I recently finished Genki 2, and I’ve been finishing up the N4 grammar points in the deck by doing 5 a day, but feels a little difficult. So I think I’m gonna drop it to maybe 3 a day.


5 a day for n4-n3, sometimes twice a day totaling 10 if I felt the points were easy enough. During n3 I would skip days though if I just didn’t feel it or I felt I still had too much load from previous items and only do reviews. N2 I dropped to 2 a day. depending on the points and how easy or if I already knew some from somewhere else, I would do more but no more than 6 or 8. 2 a day was my minimum, the very least I would have to complete if I was learning new items that day. I knew that number would be easy enough for days I didn’t want to and it wouldn’t feel like a chore. But most days I would push to 4. it was a good pace for me


I’m working on N3 and I’ve been doing 3 a day since I picked Bunpro back up about 3 weeks ago. So far my retention rate is keeping the ghosts down enough that I’m not getting buried by reviews.

I’d like to keep up this pace straight through to N1, but I’ll have to see how things go as I get deeper into the more difficult stuff.


I’ve already done a lot of N5 and N4 grammar from previous studies, so I’m doing 5 N4s a day and 3 N5s. I try to keep my beginner level around 20-25 (including my 5 vocab a day but I’m starting from the beginning of N5 to get what I forgot–it can take a while to find those missed ones so I don’t have much patience lmao). That means some days I don’t really tack on new grammar at all.

However, I just did my last N4 lessons and I’ll probably slow it down to three a day as I start N3.


Nice topic, it really is interesting to see how many others do!

For the last 4 weeks, I’ve been doing 5 grammar points per day. (I’m about 2/3 through N3)

When I started out in N5, I did “as many as I felt like” per day, it wasn’t really unfamiliar or new anyway. But eventually I figured it’d be nicer to have a more regular review schedule (you tend to get some days loaded with reviews between very slow days otherwise, or so it was in my case…) so I settled on seeing how many I can do per day while still having a decent enough retention.
I went for “3 grammar points per day” (at least 1x, maybe 2x if it was really easy and stuff I already knew) for a few weeks afterwards and it worked out, but at the same time, it lacked the slight bit feeling of challenge that I need to have more fun and motivation for learning.

So after some consideration (I didn’t want to do more points per day to then end up remembering overall less) at the early stages of N3, I decided on giving 5 grammar points per day a try and see how it goes. But: not more, not less. Exactly 5 grammar points a day. (Unless something comes up and I really can’t do any at all, that’s an exception.)

After now 4 weeks I can say it works out well enough and I’ll be sticking to it until it doesn’t anymore. Ideally I’ll just keep at it with that pace until I’m “done”.


At first I was doing way more reviews than now (though I can’t remember how many exactly), but that’s because I had studied N5 and N4 grammar elsewhere, so it was easy to do lots of grammar points a day.

I think it took me around 6 months to do N3. Then, when I hit N2, I slowed way down. I picked up the pace towards the end of last year, but it took almost a whole year to finish N2 lol. Now I’m at a normal pace, doing a couple of N1 reviews per day. However, I’m almost done with N1 (got like 2 or 3 days left).


2 per week, typically. I only add new grammar points when I have less than 2 items in my review queue, and I add in pairs. Not in much of a flash card mood lately and I dedicate tons of study time to just reading/listening. just 6 more weeks to go until I’m done with N3 :v


I learned a little bit outside Bunpro, so during N5 I did 10 or more a day, it was a little hard but not that much. During N4, that quickly decreased and I kept at 3. During N3, I increased to 5. I didn’t start N2 yet, but I’m currently considering 2 a day.

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5 whenever my beginners fall below 5 (about once a month I guess)

I did all of the n5 and 15 from n4 in 20 days. So 7 per day on average. I had already some solid grasp around n5 grammar, although even them I wouldn’t recommend. After that I did a 2 week pause because I got sick and i was drowning on reviews.

Right now I’m doing 3 a day mostly because I already know some of the grammar from n4. Once I get to n3 I will likely be working on only one grammar point a day.

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I skipped a lot of early N5 that I already knew, afterwards I was at 3 reviews / 5 vocab a day + Wanikani vocab import, but my reviews have piled up to a daily 100+ so now that I just finished N4 I’m slowing down.

I did one entire lesson per day for N5 (about 12 grammar points per day) and N4 (about 17 grammar points every day), and for N3, at first I did 5 grammar points per day, but my impatient me made me double that to 10 grammar points every day. I should’ve probably stayed at the 5 grammar points per day pace: While I did 5 grammar points per day, my accuracy was 95%, but when I did 10 grammar points, it dropped to 80%. If I did N3 again, I would definitely stick to 5 grammar points per day, but I would do N5 and N4 at the same speed, as these are the basics, and IMO knowing the basics as early as possible is important because you can get into reading earlier. I was already able to read NHK Easy pretty well with N4 grammar finished and the assistance of Yomitan (many thanks to @imsamuka who recommended me this fantastic tool, installing it was one of the best decisions in my entire life!).

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Im doing Genki 2 so at the start of a chapter i add all points and vocab of the chapter.

I studied at a language school for just over two years where we covered most of the grammar points through N1. So on most days I’ve been adding 10-12 grammar points (half of a lesson per day) depending on how many reviews I have to do. If I find the number of reviews is piling up too quickly I’ll take a day or two and just do those. My goal is to finish up all of the grammar points and have a decent amount of time to review them before taking the JLPT N1 in July.

For most of N5, I did however many I felt like doing on any given day. I ended up with ghosts and felt like I was having trouble getting some points to stick, though, so towards the end of N5 and now into N4, I tried to establish more structure in my Bunpro studies. Now I do 5 points a day on weekdays. On weekends, I don’t touch my Learn queue and instead do a cram session for everything I covered that week, and if I feel like I’m still having trouble with a point, I reread the page for it. I haven’t had any ghosts in a while, and taking a couple of days off from new points every week helps me keep my Beginners on the lower end, so I’m pretty happy with the pace I’ve settled on.

I’m currently roughly halfway through N3 and I’ve been doing 1 point a day since January as a New Year resolution. It’s not much, but I’m in no rush. Before, I was studying new points whenever I felt like doing it - which made me fall off the wagon a few times. I don’t have much free time and Japanese is just a hobby, so the resolution helped me to prioritize it over wasting my precious free time on Reddit or similar websites.

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