How many new grammar points do you learn a day?

Did 6 a day up to n3 then i lowered it back down a bit iirc. Worked wonders since as soon as I finished n1 I started reading nearly instantly and reinforced grammar

I ‘‘rushed’’ through N5 (4 a day) but have slowed down heaps for N4. I do 1 new point a day. It’s a nice balance (with the WK study). I have a lot of trouble with grammar as I’m not really a logical person, so all these (A) does (B) etc etc is kinda meaningless lol. I need to get a feel for things but bruteforcing it (which is why I like SRS, it forces me to see things over and over).

It really depended… I studied Japanese before finiding Bunpro.
There were periods where I used my free time to focus on grammar eg for a week I could make notes and add 5 to 28 grammar points per day (as I was familiar with most of them already). Then for a month, I would not add anything or even longer…
There were months where I would add 2/3 grammar points per day then take a break for a while.

A group of closely related grammar points that have a very similar meaning would be sensible to learn.

I don’t have a schedule (not using the learning side of bunpro), but I’d say one every couple days at most, it can be even less. Now I am somewhat upper/intermediate speaker, if I was a beginner I’d do much more in order to build a base fast enough.

After a certain point I think adding grammar point should be very slow if your objective is not JLPT but to be good at japanese. I prefer to spend my time on input/output first.

I want my new grammar to feel like a fresh new tool so it will stand out immediately and be exciting when I come across it in the wild. Then the retention will be excellent.
If I add 5 /day of course it is possible but the novelty factor will be reduced and it isn’t strong enough to me.


7 a day, until the end of n3. Then I intend to stop learning new grammar for a while, focus on reinforcing.


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I’ll do 3 of them if I have fewer than 10 ghosts. Which…is not so often these days, in murky N2 land, but tiny incremental progress is still progress I suppose.

I do 4 per week.

I had N3 almost complete doing 2 or 3 per day, but I was not learning so I reset N3 and started going slow. Now I spend most of my study time on the Cram feature.


Both of these you mention are going against the dopamine boost side of bunpro progression but very beneficial :+1:
I also have done a bit of reseting recently and realised it is a good thing to do regularly, at least on selected grammar points. Just starting to use the cram feature as well, I like it it is a more objective test of knowledge.


I wonder if @staff can reveal the current statistics for this. I don’t see anything that could hurt BP as a business model if this is shared, but I could be wrong.

Nonetheless, maybe the stats will be tough to gauge when there are also users who don’t consistently or continuously use BP and leave it a long time for the average time to mean anything before they went on hiatus.

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I don’t really learn a set amount each day, I just make sure that I do all my reviews for the day. Then, if I do feel like learning more, I just read unknown grammar points and add them individually to reviews. Some days I learn 0 new grammar points, different days if I’m motivated enough I learn and add 15 new grammar points.


It averages out to maybe 1.2 a day. I set my learning goal to 2 and there are many days where I felt it doesn’t stick very well. Sometimes I add vocab instead. I do it every day and have a good streak, but some points tend to not stick so well, requiring revisiting or cramming all over.

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Yes, when they group nicely together, I do more. :slight_smile:

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Two per day, weather permitting.

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I average 2-3/day, but it’s not consistent. There are plenty of days I do zero and just review and cram. There are other days I learn as many as 12 new grammar points if they are sufficiently easy. 3-6/day is pretty normal unless there’s a lot to review.

I’ve averaged 10 anki cards a day since I started using anki (13801 mature cards)

  1. there are many days I do 20 or 0 cards
  2. I count each point twice, once listening and once reading
  3. this also includes my kanji cards
    Adjusting for 2) and 3) it’s closer to 5915 mature notes or 4 points a day
    (Jalup 5,000-7,000 are vocab decks for manga and I stalled out because immersion is scary but seeing everyone struggle with super car makes me want to finnish)

I’m pretty beginner, so I’m doing 1 per day. I was struggling to really learn the grammar points at first, because I don’t have that much vocabulary, so I added 2 vocab per day, and I’m now starting to understand more and not get all my reviews wrong.


I do 1 grammar point a week and 5-ish vocab a day. That’s just what works with me. I wanted to take my time through N5 but also not feel burnt out.

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3 a day.
10 vocab a day.

But, when I finished N5, I sat one it for a week or so and just studied those. Going over the ones I failed.
I plan to do a longer stop at N4. Just giving myself time to soak it in. I find having seen the grammar points, even if I’m messing them up, helps me absorb them better over time.