How setup new Goal

Hi everyone !

I just finish the JLPT N5 and there are no more item in the “Learn” square. You the left one. The right one is for review.

It’s written : “JLPT N5 Completed
Nice! Pick a new goal to keep learning.”

How setup this “goal” ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just figure it out.

Go to my profile > Settings > General > JLPT Study Level.



And yes a very confusing system at this point in time…

Some context:
Currently there are 3 ways ( :woozy_face:) to Learn using Bunpro.

  1. Default Bunpro path (JLPT system that you’re using)
  2. Paths (textbook-based – selectable in Settings also)
  3. Decks (have to switch to Beta-mode first – what we will eventually switch to)

We’re going to reduce the two other ways down to just having Decks (#3).
This will be coming out in a few months!

Anyway, happy studying!
If you have any more questions feel free to reach out here on the forums.