How to increase daily study limit?

How to increase daily limit of 50 vocabulary ? and 20 grammar ?

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You can adjust Learn settings for decks by clicking the drop down arrow and then the three dot menu to adjust each deck. If you do 50 vocab and 20 grammar it’ll show a total of 70 for Learn button, but each deck goal will be how you want

Edit- nvm I think you mean to make vocab limit past 50? In which case 50 is the current maximum. You can go over that limit as much as you want, but you’ll get a gentle reminder to avoid burnout for each extra batch you do.

50 for vocab is fine, but 20 for grammar will kick you very hard when reviews come in for them unless they’re just refreshers for you. Study how you want, but if you find that you fail reviews a lot adjust your numbers accordingly. Most do about 2-3 new grammar items per day for new content. More than 10 can be tiresome


Mycurrent setting is 50 vocab 5 at a time, 20 grammar 3 at a time. I am envesting entire time to study so timing isnt really problem.

I would agree to be careful not getting too greedy whatever your schedule allows you to.
While it is absolutely possible to do so and it is cool to use a motivation boost, you’re very much targeting short term memory this way.
I have felt that numerous times on my path, very confident I had a solid knowledge just after learning then realising a few months or years down the path that this knowledge is almost gone.

I’d rather use that time to increase other areas of study and especially output to consolidate a more progressive knowledge input, in order not fall in the so common trap of N1 level with poor actual conversation skills.
just my personal outlook, its cool if you disagree to each its own method :slight_smile: