I found my new favorite entertainment :) Watching classes from japanese school :)

I found my new favorite entertainment :slight_smile:
Watching classes from Japanese school :slight_smile:

Surprisingly it’s quite easy to understand, even though it’s not even targeted at japanese learners, but rather native Japanese speakers. But I guess since it’s targeted at kids the words and expressions are relatively simple.

For example this kind of stuff:

Interesting thing I noticed is just how much they exaggerate pronunciation of certain words. It honestly helps to grasp the important parts.

And if you know what to search for you can find a lot of videos and channels like that.
For example to find this video I simply entered “日本語文法 -日本語の森” (the “-日本語の森” part is there just to remove nihongo no mori videos, as otherwise half of the suggested stuff would be their videos).

The only negative side effect to watching those videos is that they are what I call “SRS Bane” :slight_smile: That is to say - I end up adding hundreds of new vocabulary items to my srs application which turns into a hell march to review all of them for the next month until they disperse a bit :slight_smile:


I see the attraction; thank you for pointing this out.
I’ve been living in Japan for almost 30 years and thinking it time to brush up with material like this; which is also why this is my first post and you’ll currently find me on level 1 LOL.
Anyway, I also came across this yesterday:
It may be too easy for you but thought to share as the advanced skits might be of interest to you also.


I honestly have no idea what this video was talking about… :sob:

Something about は、が、and もう but other than that.

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About 主語 (subjects) and 述語 (predicate). How sentences are formed in Japanese, but only trivial stuff.


Wow, this looks totally addictive! :slight_smile:
There are home schooling videos too.
Thanks for the idea!


I’m genuinely impressed by her fast and accurate handwriting. Well I guess it’s normal for a native to be able to write properly. haha

I really wish I understood more than “は、が、も、私”… I’ll come back to this once I get better !