I just finished a practice JLPT N2 Test

It did not go well. I’m actually really disappointed.
The reading section was my worst and spent too long on that section. Which meant that when it came to doing the grammar section I had to rush and I had no time to properly read the questions.

The only one I can say I did good on was the vocabulary/kanji section.
I just feel so useless now. The test is in two weeks and I will clearly fail it if this is any indication. I feel like all my studying has been a waste of time.

Sorry just needed to rant about it.


Sorry to hear that mate, but the good thing is that you were able to find your weak area ‘before’ the test. Reading longer passages is a challenge for everyone at first. If you’re confident that you’re not going to forget your grammar/kanji etc, I would recommend just focusing solely on reading until you feel your speed increases a bit.

Maybe some of the easier light novels with slice of life type stories? The vocab that they have will be different to what may be on a test, but getting used to reading anything long will help a heck of a lot.


Practice tests are often much harder then the real thing in my experience. Just try your best, those tests aren’t the best indication of Japanese skill anyway :wink:


All I can say is it sounds like you just had a bad day, tomorrow’s a new one with a new focus & direction to ace the test in two weeks. Feel free to keep posting if it helps clear up your mind at all, you got this!


Yeah I’m glad that I need to solely focus on reading and all. I just need to increase my speed and know how to skim read it all.

Do you have any recommendations for light novels? I’m currently reading the visual novel Clannad! Which has been really helpful!

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Yeah I do find that happens too! For some reason, when you actually do the test it is a lot easier. Or maybe we’re just better lol.

I did do it first thing after I woke up and hadn’t eaten a single thing, so that is probably the main reason why aha


Clannad is actually one of the ones I would have recommended myself, good light read. I have heard that ToraDora is pretty famous for being a relatively simple read, but have not tried it myself.

I am more into the fantasy genre. Out of the fantasy type books I have read, No Game No Life was on the easier side, so that could be an option.

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I really enjoy Clannad! I have learnt so many words and phrases from it haha. I think it’s a long read too?

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I think it is quite long, the visual novel game itself on switch is really long.

I’m sorry you’re struggling, but I agree that it’s a good thing you did this now so you still have time to prepare. All your studying has definitely not been a waste. These tests are designed to trick you and be a pain in the butt. They’re not a true indication of your Japanese skill. Even if you do fail the actual test, that’s still an amazing feat to have gotten as far as you have. (And don’t feel like you’d be the only one to fail if you did fail, lots of people fail the N2. It’s a tough test.)

You still have a bit of time though. You might find this video helpful. She talks about how to skim and read quickly. You got this, best of luck! :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear, dude. I haven’t done any JLPT exams myself but based on my experience with other languages’ exams, if I had any advice, it’d be to, when it comes to the real thing, do your best areas first. I’m not exactly sure how to JLPT grading system is like, but if it’s anything like others then a lower grade in the reading section but higher grades in the vocabulary/grammar sections would still be a passing grade.

When it comes to practicing until then, focusing on reading might be for the best. But don’t stress too much, two weeks is still plenty of time to prepare for an exam! You got this.

Best of luck!


Practice tests are made to be failed, kinda. it prepares you in a harsh way, almost like testing your motivation and mental. You definitely got out of this experience much stronger than you think.

Keep fighting and believe in yourself, everybody that i know who successfully passed the N2 had this mindest of “i’m not good enough, i’m gonna fail” weeks before the exam (because japanese learners are kind of perfectionist i think), but in the end …



Don’t get stressed too much over the results of the mock exam. Seeing just your bunpro level I can tell that you are serious about learning, that is - persistent. And if you are like that then passing the exam is just a matter of time.

Don’t get discouraged, just do what you have been doing so far and you will pass. Even if you don’t pass on your first try then you can still use the exam result as a measure of your progress when taking the exam next time - and you will be shocked how much you have improved.

Like @conan says, I would advise checking those exam tips on youtube.
Plus remember to mark the correct answers immediately, because there is little time to do it later.

Cheers! :+1:


Thank you, it was nice to hear this, I definitely need it. I will try my best from now until the test day. Like you said even if I don’t pass, I will have gained some valuable experience from it. Plus, I would be able to see where I need to improve :smiley:


I’m having a similar experience with the Kanzen Master N2 grammar book. I was doing really in the first section of the book, but I started getting about half the answers wrong when I got to questions where you need to put the words in order. Going from 80-90% correct to 50-60% correct feels bad.

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Hey everyone! So the test went okay I guess. There was some things that I didn’t understand but I did my best and that’s all that matters. The listening was definitely my weakest and is something that I need to improve on. Now I just have to wait until September for the results XD