I think I broke it


Went through N5 way back in the very early days, to only just now return.
Reset back to 0, which put me at level -49. Did some lessons, result screen was 0% with no information, and was then at level -66. Reloaded Bunpro, and am now level -79. :cold_sweat:

Another lesson session, level -90. And now Bunpro won’t even load. Just get the ‘something went wrong page’ :man_shrugging:


All fixed! Sorry about that.

I have a fix in place for that bug, just haven’t had the chance to push it yet.


No worries. Bunpro seems to have gone through quite the upgrades since I left. Odd things are bound to happen with an edge-case like mine. Thanks for hopping on it so fast.


The same just happened to me, can you please fix it? Thx!


You should be good to go!