Improved Search!

Introducing a new way to more accurately search what you are looking for. You now have the option to search within a specific JLPT level or textbook*.

*Currently Genki I and II and Tobira are available selections with more textbook options coming soon.

Your search results will now dynamically reflect what you type so that you can find exactly what you are looking for more quickly. Each grammar point will now also display offline resources and page numbers so that you can immediately reference your textbook(s) for more information.

Searching in English now automatically returns results in English!

Are there any specific search options that you would like to see added? We would love to hear what you think! Cheers!


I like that, nice addition!

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Looking very nice :+1: , I think the only Search option missing for me would be:

Show me all Grammar points that are in the Minna no Nihongo 1 or Genki 1 or Tobira book :slight_smile:

@Andulien This is something that we have planned for the near future. Thank you for your feedback! Cheers!


Yaaasss all the hype! :smiley: Thanks so much for this ^^

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It’d be great if the search results would show all grammar of a specific category when the category (e.g. Genki 1) is selected.

Is it intentional that I can only select one textbook even though you use check boxes and not radio boxes?
If not, make sure that the dropdown does not close when one category is selected.

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Looks fantastic, keep up the great job! : )

One problem I found though, is that the “Hide Studied Grammar” option disappears when you search.

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@ahpro168 Thank you for your feedback! We are working on making this a reality.

Right now, only one textbook can be selected and searched at one time. We use checkboxes because you can also narrow your search to include a JLPT level in addition to a textbook. We will continue to tinker with different options and styles. Cheers!

@lopicake Thank you for your feedback! You are absolutely right. I suppose we need to find a way to bring the Hide/Show Studied Grammar button back. Cheers!


Great job. Major improvement.


This is great! :smiley:
Makes searching for something so much easier :+1: