Improvement suggestions

I found recent updates kinda… painful… I would like to suggest some changes to the current version:

  1. Remember, if a user clicks ‘Cram’ from the Path page.


  1. open Log in - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro
  2. click the ‘Cram full chapter’ button for the first chapter

Actual: cram page is opened, no chapter is added for cram, JLPT tab is opened. Users have to open the Path tab and add the proper chapter of the proper book manually.

Expected: ‘② Content to Cram’ is opened on the Path tab, and the first chapter is added to the cramming list.
Even better: no ‘Set up your Cram!’ page at all, just start cramming.

  1. display the answer when the user taps Ctrl+A even if no answer is entered.

For example, I just forgot, I have no idea what to enter. Now I am required to enter some random combination, press Enter, and then press Enter.
Ctrl+A will give me the possibility to see the answer immediately.

  1. Play recording slowly when the user presses the ‘s’ button.

Now user can press ‘r’/‘p’ and hear the recording again and again, but he has to toggle the switch if he wants to listen to it in slow mode.
If you have ‘s’ for slow mode, then ‘r’/‘p’ always will be the normal speed.

  1. if there are no personal notes, it would be more productive to use all the space to make the Information column twice wider.
  1. Please add a shortcut for the ‘Undo’ action
  1. Automatically focus on the input field when a user clicks the ‘Next’ button with a mouse or a touchpad
  1. Add some keyboard shortcuts to return the focus to the input field.

Actually, from my point of view, the input always must be in focus, no matter what the user does - input should always be active after his actions.

  1. after finishing the cram, please add the ‘Repeat Crum’ button, now you can only go back to the selection page.

Actually, it’s really strange that Cramming is automatically finished after a single repetition of every construction… before I could cram as much as I wanted… now it looks more like a duplication of the Study mode.

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This is 100% a bug and not intended, strange that it never got brought up during the long beta testing but something we’ll figure out for sure.

The reason that cram won’t start immediately is because there are 2 key selections users will need to make.

  1. What style of cram they would like to do (between the 3 options)
  2. How many sentences of the one grammar point they would like to see.

At the bottom of the page there is an area where you can select if you want to see between 1 to 12 sentences per grammar point. I believe this should help your question about repetition of grammar points, but if not let me know!

The BACKSPACE key should currently accomplish this, or do you mean something else?

This is a bug I brought up yesterday strangely enough, should be fixed relatively soon!

We added this ability for the new front end and review pages, but Cram is still using the legacy version of the site. I’ll see if it’s not too much work to port over this hotkey, no promises though.

Regarding your other suggestions/feedback, a lot of it is stuff we’ve actually briefly brought up in the past but it might be worth another consideration now after the big updates we’ve had. Thanks for all your feedback though, helps a lot to make the product better and better :bowing_man: