Is there a way to turn off vocab reviews without losing progress?

I’ve decided to switch back to anki for my vocab needs, but I want to keep my SRS levels in case I end up changing my mind at some point. The only way I can think of is to manually go through and remove each vocab term from my reviews one by one, but for one that would take way too long as I have hundreds of vocab terms in my reviews and secondly I’m worried that will reset my SRS progress. Is there a way to do this quickly without losing progress?

You could just turn on Split Reviews in Options > General. This way you can just leave your vocab alone forever, and focus on your grammar points. It doesn’t remove them from sight, but at the bare minimum, your review queue wouldn’t be a mix any more :slightly_smiling_face:

Alternatively, you could just keep reviewing the vocab items you do have in your queue and “finish” them by getting them up to SRS 11 or 12 where you’ll never see them again, and just stop taking vocab lessons after that. As long as you know them and don’t fail them during review, they’ll climb up the levels pretty quickly, where they’ll be out of your way most of the time, and won’t give you too much trouble.

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