Japanese Podcast Recommendations?

Looking to get as much listening practice in as possible now that I’m having lessons from a tutor and trying to speak to more natives in conversation (the Japanese people I’ve spoken to are incredibly patient and motivating).

I’m around the N4/N3 level, having completed all N4 BP points and already into Quartet. However I’d like some recommendations for simple material at first to build it up as unfortunately my listening is a little behind my reading/writing, but not as bad as I initially thought.

Thank you kind BunPro community.



Wow thank you for a list! Will be checking each one of these out


On the podcasts app look for Japanese with Shun

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I also struggle with listening above everything (besides speaking of course, I truly suck at that 笑) and I passed N4 and am almost finished with all the N3 grammar.

This guy is the perfect fit for me at the moment, and listen to him every day while commuting to work! He has different levels he speaks at, and for me the sweet spot was any episode that starts with Ep186 or Ep163 or something. Anything that starts with L4 or L6 or something is too easy, and any interviews with Yuyu or Miku are still too hard for me.

It’s just really nice when at the end he goes over some tough words that was used in the episode, it helps me get answers quickly without having to whip out a dictionary app super often!

Tanaka-san Radio is a great one, especially for building up your listening skills! She’s got a really clear speaking voice so she’s really simple to understand, and the podcasts don’t have overly-simple contents in terms of vocab and grammar. I think some of the more recent episodes even have a script on Spotify so you could try listening without reading, but confirm some of it with reading if you need to. There aren’t many episodes, unfortunately!

This is a cracking suggestion, I’ll take a look thank you!

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My absolute favorite is Miku Real Japanese. Her topics generally are very interesting to me and keep me more engaged than other podcasts!

my favourite natural speech podcast has unfortunately stopped a few years back but it was so perfect for learning I thought I’d mention it.
It has been removed from regular podcasts platform but you can find past episodes online on the web archive for who knows how long.

The podcast was called ひいきびいき

Despite not being updated anymore, it is really worth a try, it is a gem for an intermediate learner IMO.
Basically a conversation between 2 hosts on popular culture / Japanese brands etc… so you could have an episode on Muji or VR, final fantasy, so on…
The speech is natural It is very easy to understand IMO, neither too casual nor formal.
Since it constantly refers to pop culture terms, you could very much follow the conversation even at an n4 level I think.
The girl Haruka is more there for the 相槌 which can be interesting as it is very natural conversation unlike most podcasts. She also does the email reading.
Daichi the guy does most of the talking.


Really miss that one