Japanese YouTube channels with Japanese transcription/subtitles


I’m looking for Japanese YouTube channels that have videos with Japanese transcription/subtitles. But the videos must be targeted for native Japanese, not Japanese learners.

I’ve collected 28 channels already. I think videos with subtitles are good for people who already passed the learning materials, but still need some guidance to understand spoken Japanese. For me, I’m still having difficulties understanding spoken Japanese. But when I see the kanji, most of the time I understand what it means.

If anyone knows other youtube channels that fit the criteria, please share here. :smiley:



Well, they’re not exactly subtitles but there’s the entire phenomenon of read manga stories, they pretty much just emphatically read the panels and the stories can be funny, weird, disturbing depending on the channel, most have a certain theme. Some channels add in bits of text that aren’t displayed, some are a bit more loose with what is said, but most are pretty exact. Some examples are :




But there are MANY more. If I find the time I’ll get through some other channels to see if they always provide subtitles, because it’s a feature I don’t really use myself on youtube (I focus more on the subtitles than what’s being said if there are subtitles, which is bad when you’re practicing listening :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Yeah me too! I need to close my eyes and read the subs only when I don’t get the meaning.

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I’ve been checking out Dr. Capital lately, he is an American finger-style guitarist who breaks down J-Pop music theory. His Japanese (and playing) is excellent and his videos have just enough subtitles but not every word. He explains rather slow too.

ドクター・キャピタルDr. Capital (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoUFbEnb5yWgjeEXAr_Y9qg)

Interesting channel. But I’m looking for native Japanese material with Japanese transcription.

By the way, we have the same join date (Jul 29, '18), fascinating. :laughing: