Known review comes less often


I am studying for the N4 and doing all the review but have gotten grammar knowledge else were. And have a unwieldy amount of review and seem to be reviewed often on the grammar points.

Was wondering if there was a way to

Mark a review as known well (good) in a review like in anki so it comes less often, but without removing it.

or anyway to not get overwhelmed with repeating known points I know pretty well and do want to see again just not the next day.

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This is generally a symptom of taking on too many reviews at once… normally I’d say to pace yourself, but if you’re aiming to study for an upcoming JLPT test, that’s not very helpful advice :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you’re confident that you know an item really well, you can always go and mark it as “I know this” to set it straight to SRS level 12, where you’ll never be quizzed on it again, but that’s also not exactly what you’re looking for.

The best advice is also probably the simplest… under the current system, all you can really do is just stay diligent with reviews. They can definitely be overwhelming at first, which I relate to, but even if you don’t clean out your queue every day, just make sure you keep doing some. The items you know well should spawn very few ghosts, and climb up the SRS stages relatively quickly, and get out of your hair.

Maybe someone else has move clever advice than I do, but in any case, I wish you the best of luck on your grammar journey! :grin:

Thank you,

Yeah, you are right it is I just have paraticed my grammar else were.

Yes I need to do a big sweep of 12 on the ones I need no help with.

It would be nice if you could remove items you have a 12 with but still keep your completion. Like I will never need a review for Desu I like to look at my chart and see a jlpt complete.

Unless I misunderstand you, that sounds like the “I know this!” button on the lower right of any grammar point page. It’ll set your progress to 12/12, which means you’ll never get a review of that grammar point again.

@testing oh, ok. I thought 12/12 came back in like 6months or something.

Thank you

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I see it was the ghost reviews that were overwhelming me. turned off for now.

My personal recommendation is to set it on minimal. It won’t generate as many ghosts and you still get extra practice. Good luck out there!

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I will try it out thank you.