Learn constantly showing (2)?

I do apologise if this is a trivial question, but I only started using Bunpro yesterday.

I’m used to using WaniKani which paces you when it comes to learning new lessons.

Over here I’ve been doing lessons until I realised I’ve done so many that it should have stopped by now. However, my “Learn” tab constantly shows (2) as if I have 2 things still to learn. This is really confusing. What does that (2) mean? Does it simply mean that sessions are grouping 2 grammar points, and it’s not the number of remaining things I need to learn?

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I met the same initial confusion in my first days, but it’s not the number of remaining things you need to learn today or in your deck or anything of the sort, it just means that when you click the Learn button it’ll give you a batch of 2 lessons in one go. It’s the batch size set in your general settings (or in your grammar deck’s settings):

It may become zero once you finish the deck you’re on? I haven’t been in that situation yet so I can’t say for sure on that part.

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Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it.

So I guess I need to pace myself when it comes to learning :slight_smile:

I do however think that it is a bit confusing from a UI point of view, as the number of reviews uses the same UI element, and it indicates how many reviews you have left. I’m not entirely sure what’s the purpose of reminding the user that they have a batch size of X - unless I’m underestimating the difficulty of future sessions, when one piece of grammar can take a very long time and you might be going through a batch for a very long time.


Bunpro lets you go at your own pace, which can of course be a double edged sword, but honestly I prefer this to Wanikani’s extremely rigid pacing. I personally have a rule in which I don’t study on weekends. This means that what could take me a week on WK ends up taking closer to two weeks. These delays eventually add up.

As for the UI Clicking learn just lets you learn new items and add them to your review Queue. The number simply lets you know how many items you will be learning and subsequently adding to your review queue. If you wanted you could theoretically add all 910 grammar points to your queue in one sitting, although for obvious reasons this is not recommended.


It does indeed become zero, but then you simply move on to the next deck after receiving a shiny new badge and summarily patting yourself on the back.


I, too, don’t know all the ins and outs of using BP. I got the ‘Learn 2’ thing, but what I don’t understand is the Forecast. It’ll show you something like:

7 3 5…Grammar points scheduled
3 1 0…Reviews scheduled

So I click on ‘Review’ and when I’m done, the number of current reviews goes to zero. Great! But how can BP decide I need to do 7 GPs at 0700, 3 GPs at 1100, and another 5 GPs at 1800?

The Reviews I can understand, they’re based on their SRS schedule which is based on mathematical analyses for remembering/forgetting items learned. How can ANY mathematical analysis determine how often and how many GPs I should study? Does not make sense to me! So what does the BP Forecast schedule supposed to represent?


Last time I tried to help you with this you didn’t really clarify. Where does it say you have points to learn at scheduled times?? Again, the forecast shows you when reviews are due. Not when you’re supposed to learn more items

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I understand the Learn and Review buttons. What I don’t get is the Forecast as shown above. My Forecast at this time shows:
1000: 2 grammar, 0 reviews
1200: 4 grammar, 2 reviews
1300: 5 grammar, 1 review
1500: 6 grammar, 1 review (you can actually see this one, but the previous show the same information)

Isn’t this a ‘schedule’? At 1200 today, I will do 2 reviews and those 2 reviews will go away on my Forecast. The same will occur for my ‘scheduled’ reviews at 1300 and 1500. But what do the grammar points (2, 4, 5, and 6) at those ‘scheduled’ times mean? I have no idea what they supposed to represent.

If I don’t do anything, they go away. If I use ‘Learn’ and do less grammar points than ‘scheduled,’ they go away. What purpose do they serve?

That number next to ‘Learn’ was extremely confusing for me at the beginning too! When I started using Bunpro, I actually completed the first two lessons at once, thinking that’s what the number represented and hoping for it to finally disappear. It took me some time to realize that it’s always there :grinning: To be honest, I would prefer it to show ‘0’ after finishing my daily goal. It would be better for staying motivated to learn new stuff.

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The forecast shows when reviews are due.

Grammar 2
Grammar 4
Grammar 5
Grammar 6

If you learned vocab, they would appear in the same bar for review as a different color titled “Vocab” like “Vocab 6”

These are all reviews. Grammar reviews that will be available at that time if you do no reviews until then.

1 review added
This means in that hour, 1 review was added (because of SRS timings) making the total of 6 grammar points due

When you click the 12pm bar, where it jumps from 2 to 4 grammar points due, it will say 2 reviews added (to the review queue).

The forecast shows how many reviews are due for a given time if you were to do no reviews until then

Useful to see in cases like “I’ll get home at 6pm and won’t do any bunpro reviews until then. I have 7 reviews scheduled for when I get home”


Yes, it’s just bad UI design. That number is not what you expect it to be, and it never becomes 0. Jake from bunpro posted they were looking into making it more clear in this thread here (but this was 5 months ago):

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You’re entitled to your own opinion

Personally I like the way it currently is and definitely wouldn’t call it bad ui design. And the team is currently working on a new onboarding and faq section to be released soon or later this year. Which hopefully will help iron things like this out

FINALLY!!! :slight_smile:

The Good News is that your explanation makes sense based on the Forecast that I posted. All the numbers add up correctly.

Then I assume as I complete my Reviews (partially or completely), the actual number that I completed will then be subtracted from that ‘total’ number on the top of the following columns.

The Bad News is that I think I would have noticed this pattern before finally posting this question. So, while I can’t be certain, I THINK I came across instances where this pattern did not follow as stated. What I will do is watch for this pattern for some number of days (weeks at most) to see if it holds true.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

p.s., WK has a ‘solution’ icon to post a reply as a solution, but I can’t find one here. Is there a way to mark a post as a solution?


This is literally what I did too! It is really confusing.