Lessons in Order

Is there a way to view all of the lessons in order. I am working on making myself better notes and trying to find more practice sentences to study. However, when I go through the Lessons they seem to be in a bizarre order. For example, clicking from one to the next I get “N5 Lesson 3: 3/13” followed by “N5 Lesson 3: 12/13”, “N5 Lesson 4: 1/13”, and “N5 Lesson 4: 12/13”. Is there a way to see them in proper order. It is hard to tell if I took notes on some of them because I cannot figure how to find all the lessons by number.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You should just be able to click on lessons and it’ll show it in order. Could it be that you’re using a study path and that’s causing it to be out of order? I’ve never used one, so I don’t know if it works like that though. All I know though is that when I click on the grammar tab, and then click on lessons it shows everything in order. You can also click on “all” from the grammar tab and that’ll show every grammar point starting from the first n5 lesson.

If you go to grammar > all, the order that it shows all those points are based in lesson order. If you’ve made a custom note for a point, it’ll show a pen symbol on the point in the overview. I think this should answer your question!

These are notes I took in a notebook. I was trying to double check some of my notes, I stupidly didn’t write down the lesson numbers as I went. I wanted to add some more sample sentences to my notes. However, the lessons on Grammar → All are no in a different order than I went through them for some reason. And like I mentioned, the order doesn’t make any sense. I was wonder if there was a way to see the lessons so they went Lesson 1: 1/12, Lesson 1: 2/12, Lesson 1: 3/12, etc. Instead it jumps around when I clicked next lesson. It just makes the bookkeeping part hard.

Some of the lesson order is bizarre though. For example, Lesson 4: 3/13 is へ行く, but へ as a stand alone particle is Lesson 5: 3/12. That means the particle is introduced as part of an expression 13 lessons before you learn the particle itself. I don’t remember it being like when I initially went through the lessons, and that is not the order my handwritten notes are in.

To be clear, this is just for my own personal note taking. I just finished up all of the JLPT5 Grammar and have been trying to review a bit extra before I start JLPT4 Grammar lessons.

No study path, just all Lessons starting with JLPT5. I am looking at Grammar → All starting with the first lesson だ and then clicking the arrow to go to the next one. It starts out fine Lesson 1: 1/12, Lesson 1: 2/12, etc. until Lesson 1: 5/12. After that, it goes Lesson 1: 9/12, Lesson 1: 6/12, 7/12, 11/12. At other points, it jumps around even more just clicking next.

I’m not really sure why it’s doing that. I’d contact one of the devs to see if they can take a look for you. If you really aren’t on a study path, you should be able to just go to the grammar, and go to all, and then click on the arrows when you click on a lesson should take you to the next lesson in order. It works for me, so it may be how you have things set up, or somehow yours is bugged.