Listening Practice Idea

Another one. Hoping for a review section that is just audio. Maybe Bunpro isn’t the learning tool to focus on listening practice; if so that makes sense and I get it. But if you guys want to add something like that it’d be very helpful

The audio cram usually plays the same couple of sentences for each grammar point so you can really only practice something like まず for a short amount of time before you remember the audio from the last time you studied and automatically remember what the meaning of it was.

EDIT***** if you are now seeing this and want a way to do what I explained, ANKI has add-ons of Japanese pronunciation audio library. Meaning you can basically do this on Anki if you want.

ANOTHER EDIT**** no promo to Anki I mean Bunpro is my guy fr fr. just saying…


I think this is better practiced through actual immersion lol. Either watching content or actually talking to people - with an added plus being speaking practice for the latter. Though I do agree, it would be cool to see a quiz-like listening practice where you notate everything said.

That being said, it’d probably best be served on a separate side or service because as much as I love bunpro for being the go-to for everything in Japanese, I think it wouldn’t fit as well and would add a TON of work to the team

One idea might be to record audio for BunPro’s graded texts in the “Reading Practice” section.


Ooh, I do agree and I don’t agree.
I live and work in Japan and you’re totally right, immersion through talking and watching Japanese media is really useful for so many things. I’ve been here 8 months and I started from complete 0 when I arrived. Listening to actual words and grammar being used in everyday sentences really helps you get a feel for the language. If I had just been using a textbook I would sound so stiff and rigid.

That being said, most day to day Japanese and that used in TV is so far advanced that it’s impossible to understand for a long time when you’ve just started. And even now, there’s so much that I just can’t understand.

For me, it takes time to process what is being said, and sometimes it takes still takes me one or two listens of the grammar audio to catch what syllables are.

Personally, I would welcome more opportunities for isolated listening practice that I can take my time with. I find that, with repetition, I’m speeding up, and am now able to understand so much more of the world around me.


I totally agree!
I imagine the team must have a hard time fitting all the features into the website in a useful intuitive way (they’ve been doing a great job so far!). But I would definitely also welcome more listening if it’s possible.

What I’ve found useful so far is doing cram audio reviews on the beta, but mixing in a lot of different grammar points so that it becomes harder to rely on memorisation.