Looking for a new Anki vocab deck

I’ve been using one of the popular Anki decks but after having using it more than 5 months I realised there are issues about it. Basically 3, first, it doesnt tell you if the verb is passive or not, second it doesnt tell you if the verb is “polite”, third sentence examples are in a different note. Basically I’m looking a deck like this (if it does exists):

I need hiragana as reading,
I need audio,
Like I said I need to know if word is passive or not (shimeru vs shimaru),
I need to know if the word is used casually or in Keigo,
Sentence should be in the note itself,
Pictures would be a plus.

I know that’s a long list but I can use Anki to edit cards so as long as the deck has notes I need, I can create the cards.


This is transitivity, not passive/active itself a misnomer of Japanese grammar.

Thoughts and a suggestion on this.

You are referring to the distinction between:

  • “I open the door” → Open is transitive verb taking the object of door.

  • “The door opens.” → Open is an intransitive verb taking no object.
    In Japanese these tend to come in verb pairs that imply the mover of the object as either self or other moved.

  • "The door has been opened by me. → has been opened is the present perfect passive. In this way all passive verbs are transitive as the have to be acted upon.

You could say:

  • “The door had been opened.” → This is still passive and still transitive just that the mover is left ambiguous.

In Japanese the equivalent of the causative/passive grammar is させる/られる and their associated inflections.

All that is too say is you should just get a deck that focuses on the couple dozen common transitive/intransitive pairs as a start. You quickly pick up on the patterns.

This is a quick primer that can help in your studies:
Lesson 15: Transitivity- the 3 facts that make it easy. Transitive/intransitive verbs unlocked - YouTube

Quick search turns up this.

There are good add-ons that will generate the readings for you primarily the Japanese Support add-on.

I use I mix of random decks and ripped css and defunct add-ons for a similar effect but everything you want is attainable.

As far as an actual deck I would start with either:

JLPT N5 Vocabulary Deck - With Audio & Example Sentences or Japanese Sentences

The first is a little basic but there are good rare words in there and the audio is really good.

The second does not have audio, but is just a generally good base of sentences to practice.

Though depending on your learning strategy you could look into the Morphman add-on. It is a bit unwieldy but very powerful if you can get it set up in tandem with any of these decks.

edit: Dose->does my 6th grade English teacher still haunts me.
edit 2: added some links and fixed more typos :tired_face:

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I use this Anki deck but many of the audio is missing: Japanese Core 10k - AnkiWeb
I never used the audio—I customized my deck to remove the audio file field. However in the comments on anki web some people mentioned you can download the missing audio from Google docs if you just search for it.
As for transitive/intransitive, they don’t say “transitive” or “intransitive” but it’s obvious from the definition. Here’s an example:
閉まる be shut, be closed; (something) closes
閉める to close (something) (doors, windows, etc.)
I like this deck because there are several example sentences per vocab word.

Another one is the 2k/6k optimized decks with full audio and pictures: Shared by Author - AnkiWeb
Unlike the above 10k deck, these decks only have 1 sentence per vocab word, but I think they have all the audio files.

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