Maybe this is stupid, but here is a suggestion


Bunpro considers only whether the user gets the question right or wrong. It seems to me it would be good to also incorporate the speed of the user’s answer. A correct answer that takes 5 seconds is better than a correct answer that takes 20 seconds, and the review algorithm should take this into account. What does everyone think of this idea?


What about just adding a timer? It would be activated or deactivated in the settings. The predefined version would have no timer.


I don’t know how elaborate bunpro’s SRS algorithm is, but as far as I understand it (please anybody correct me if I’m wrong) usually SRS only takes into account whether your answer is correct or incorrect. There is no worse or better, just correct or incorrect. So the only way to incorporate user input speed would be to flag the answer as incorrect if it takes the user longer than x.

I personally don’t think putting time pressure on the user is helpful. I understand why it might make sense for kanji or vocabulary because you can answer them from muscle memory at some point, but for grammar I am not so sure… I personally prefer to sit down and really think about the answer.


Also, I’m not sure how reliable something like this would be with a web app …


If there is such a feature, I’d rather have it as (setting from) a userscript, instead of having it implemented as one of main BP features.


I don’t like timers because I read slowly in any language and get easily distracted.


Meh, I asked this for Kitsun a while ago, as it makes more sense there. For Bunpro, not really. But if anything, it should be optional. That’s why my recommendation :slight_smile:


While I can see the benefit of score based on time (especially for something like JLPT practice where you are timed), I think that in general it’s not so useful in the general site. For me personally, I multitask when I study (heck, I’ll even have it up at work), so I may give an answer and then go to another tab to continue work or watch a show and come back to the tab later. It would be annoying for me to get less of a score because I am switching around between tasks.

With that said, I think a separate timed drill section would be pretty awesome and useful. It could also provide some interesting stats.


It might be useful when combined with cram mode, gain as many correct answers as possible within certain time. :grin:
Or something like that.