Missing grammar

I was checking the website JLPT sensei, the grammar lists there and I noticed that quite a lot of the grammar points from N1 are not covered in Bunpro. It’s true that some of those grammar points are not very common, but I think It would be good to have them here too.

Yep, good eye. There is a working list of known missing items here: Missing grammar list


I hope the Bunpro team keeps adding new grammar because the way it is now, It is clearly lacking. I remember hearing something about a N0 level, but it was a long time ago…


Me too, but don’t hestitate to share what you happen to come across. Even if the Bunpro team doesn’t have it yet, the community can benefit from the shared knowledge by using alternate means of study like Anki. I use both myself.


Hi there, and thanks for pointing these out! While we did make a post about our ‘core’ N1 being finished quite some time ago, we have actually still been adding quite a few grammar points to N1 since then.

Along with the myriad of other things we are working on at the moment, expanding the grammar catalogue is still high on our priorities, and something that will continue to periodically get updated, even if not with a big announcement every single update.

As part of the library of 25k (ish) vocab words we will be adding very soon, we will also be deciding which of them should be included as part of grammar, or as part of vocab (all will have context sentences regardless). Afterall, a lot of ‘grammar points’ are actually just vocab that the people who run the N-tests may decide randomly are suddenly a grammar pattern.

As the N-tests evolve and change, we will evolve and change as well, but the primary goal will always be to facilitate fluency, with or without tests.